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It is the obligation of America, as Defender of the Free World, not Israel, to end the impending global threat posed by Iran. When we declare our support for Israel’s right to attack Iran, we are absolving Obama of his Presidential obligation to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Therefore, it is our responsibility to demand he destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure NOW........................................................................................................................................................................................NEWS ALERT!!! 49% of American voters support an American military action against Iran's nuclear infrastructure........ Let's go get another 31%; when we reach 80% President Obama can no longer ignore the will of the people. We need a final push, and that is what this campaign was designed to achieve. End the Iranian threat.... Join Operation Thunderbolt NOW!

Obama's Gift to Israel on Her 63rd Anniversary Is A Noose Around Netanyahu's Neck

StanleyZir (author), Susan North (editor)

On April 14, knowing that it was very likely there would be a vote to create a Palestinian State in the fall at the United Nations, we launched a "Stop Order Campaign" against this insidious notion. We issued it as "Joshua Call" and sent it out as a top priority action alert."  

We stated : "As Americans we must insist that the President of the United States forthwith and unequivocally reject any proposal, put forth by the United Nations, or any other party, supported by the world community that would now establish a Palestinian state with Hamas having influence in Palestinian affairs, and/or in forming a new unified entity to represent the Palestinian people in the future."

We then requested people to call members of Congress and the media (flood their switchboards) to bring down Mr. Obama's wall of silence on this matter. We did this because tomorrow was already one day too late for the leader of the free world, when there is talk about the creation of an Islamic terrorist state in the heart of Jerusalem.

A point of reference: At that time we had no inkling that an agreement between Hamas and Fatah was in the making. Incredibly the Obama Administration would have the audacity to have Americans believe that his administration did not know either.

Yet we never heard back from the president on this matter until May 4th, some 21 days later when White House press secretary Jay Carney responded to this question towards the end of a press briefing about the death of Osama Bin Laden.

QUESTION: "Regarding a historical agreement between Hamas and Fatah today, Prime Minister Netanyahu called this a blow - a blow to peace and great victory for terrorism. "What's the President's view on this statement? Do you agree with Netanyahu?"

MR. CARNEY: "We understand that Fatah and Hamas have reached a reconciliation agreement. What is important now is that Palestinians ensure implementation of that agreement that its implementation advances the prospects of peace, rather than undermines those prospects. We're continuing to seek details, more information about the nature of the agreement, and we're consulting with the parties about these very issues. And I refer you to the Palestinians for details on the agreement because we're seeking them ourselves."

How is it possible that no one in the media to this very day has no comment as to why Jay Carney avoided answering if Obama agrees with Netanyahu? Even more news worthy, was the significance of Jay Carney's response, that the president was giving consideration to the legitimacy of such an unholy alliance.

How is it possible that the president of the United States and leader of the free world would not hesitate to say that he stands with Netanyahu and Israel against Hamas, a terrorist organization, especially any agreements that are made between them and Fatah that would lead to the formation of a Palestinian state, that allows Hamas to set up shop in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

As leader of the free world Mr. Obama must not hesitate to unequivocally reject and condemn any proposal that sanctions the insidious notion that terrorist/fascist and Israel are equal partners for peace.

The president stood with Egypt against a tyrant. Is Netanyahu a tyrant, or a terrorist? And Hamas the good guys? Former President Bush in declaring war on terrorism, said to the terrorists "we will find you, we will not rest until we hunt you down." President Obama, if you agree with him, why are you hunting Israel and not Hamas?

Thus while Americans were praising the chutzpah and wisdom that the president displayed in disposing of Bin Laden, and rightfully so, unbeknownst to us Mr. Obama was tightening the noose around Netanyahu's neck behind our backs.

Sir, you are a Harvard graduate, I'm sure there is no part of this statement that you do not understand: "Fascism is the ultimate expression of absolute power; deception and the absence of accountability are its greatest allies. Since lies are the tools that fascists use to complete their circuitry of deceit, any statements issued by the leaders of these governments or their supporters can never be believed or validated." Then how is it possible sir that Israel, the house that King David built, is being coerced by you to make agreements with terrorist-infected nations and people based on promises signed on worthless pieces of paper.

President Obama, remove your noose from Netanyahu's neck the culprit is Hamas!!!. Where do you get the audacity to ask the people of the United States of America in all good conscience to support you, when because of your actions, "We The People" will be known throughout history as people who gave equal consideration to a terrorist group that has vowed the destruction of Israel.

Americans it is time to put to rest the insidious notion put forth by Obama and Mahmoud Abbas, and embraced by the Islamic conflict community, the UN, and the world at large. The notion that the Palestinian Arab/Israeli conflict is the cause for the tensions between the Islamic world and the United States - not the Islamic world's addiction to religious tyrannies' hateful edicts. This misconception has spawned the out-of-control idea that a UN resolution will bring reconciliation between our nations resulting in a peaceful co-existence and economic security for America and her allies. Nothing can be further from the truth. Such a resolution can only lead to the destruction of Israel.

President Obama, Israel can no longer be sabotaged by your proposals cloaked in the name of peace and hope to survive. We mentioned in "Obama's Solution - Amputation and More Amputation to the Body of Israel" that for years, our Jewish pundits have been analyzing and suggesting solutions to every event that chronicles the obvious injustice Israel faces, but to what avail? It's now 2011, and President Obama's solution to the Palestinian Arab/Israeli dispute - amputation and more amputation to the body of Israel - thus bringing about her ultimate death. Instead of submitting ourselves as a hapless victim to his knife, the Jewish people must take a proactive stance. We need to unite as one and take up the call for an immediate end to his negotiations with people who have become nothing more than foot soldiers in Iran's global terrorists enterprise. Whether it is Hamas, or Fatah, whether you label them religious terrorists or secular moderates, the DNA of hate and the destruction of Israel is the glue that binds these political parties to a common objective. Their determination is to create another terrorist Islamic state with "East Jerusalem" as its capital.

To the honorable Senator Gillibrand, a Democrat and others of her ilk from both sides of the aisle, unfortunately you have proven time and time again that sincere petitions and letters begging for understanding regarding the dangerous position this administration is putting Israel in falls on deaf ears. Senator Gillibrand, I regret to inform you, Obama has no intention of addressing your concerns. The proof is in the pudding, look what happened on February 18th when your written request for a veto in the UN was never answered.

To all members of Congress, no matter what bills you pass to stop Hamas, to defund it, no matter what resolutions you pass it will be in vain. It is only the leader of the free world who has the power and influence to put an end to this debacle.

The time has come for demands, not requests, put down your pens and let your voice become your sword. In 2007 when President Bush and Senators Mc Cain (Republican) and Kennedy (Democratic) were eager to pass the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007." Americans on both the left and right hated the bill...So they "melted the phone lines" till Washington, Congress and the White house got the message and the bill was not passed. The American people let their will be known, and Congress listened. We have learned this lesson over and over in the history of our country when men like Martin Luther King, Jr., a registered Republican, stood up against all odds and changed the status quo and now it is our turn to step up to the plate.

America, what Israel and Netanyahu needs from us is citizens who, regardless of their affiliation, are willing to stand up for Israel. This is a crisis that each one of us cannot afford to ignore, because this insidious UN initiative and others like it breach the line that must be secured to protect the nation of Israel and the free world . . . what Netanyahu needs from AIPAC, the Federation, ZOA, the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Pastor Hagee and all patriots is for them to throw down the gauntlet, and declare "President Obama stand up for Israel, stand up for freedom, stand against Hamas, or we can no longer in good conscience follow your lead.

Then we will see the results that are needed to put a Stop Order on this UN campaign and all other political initiatives like it that could only lead to the destruction of Israel and America's descent into obscurity and hell.




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