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Stan Zir’s op-eds in Arutz Sheva 2003 to the present
A Noose Around Bibi's Neck                            5/12/2011
US and Israel Enter Death Zone                        0/31/2010
Never Again is Now                                          7/17/2008
Jewicide                                                           6/14/2006
Legitimizing Terrorism                                     1/30/2005
The Resurrection of Arafat                                1/23/2005
Checkmating Evil - Part II                                 10/26/2004
Checkmating Evil - Part I                                  10/25/2004
Liberty's Last Call - Part IV                               6/27/2004
Liberty's Last Call - Part III                               6/24/2004
Liberty's Last Call - Part II                                6/21/2004
Liberty's Last Call - Part I                                 6/20/2004
When War is the Agent of Peace                       6/30/2003
Liberty's Lost Voice                                         6/20/2003
The Light to All Nations                                   6/13/2003
Voice of Liberty Speech                                   6/8/2003
Who is Tony Blair?                                          6/2/2003
An Address to the Knesset                               5/12/2003

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