Jewish People's Declaration of Independence 1


  צהרת העצמאות של העם היהודי 
    Jewish People's Declaration of  Independence

 Announce to the World, "Never Again Will the Jewish People Go Silently into the Night "


Never Again is Now!


While Iran’s radical leader openly calls for the eradication of Israel, his country may be only moments away from obtaining nuclear weapons capability. Meanwhile, President Obama sits idly by, allowing the totally ineffective UN to speak for him, while he continues to express his willingness to negotiate directly with this megalomaniacal sponsor of state terrorism, without pre-conditions. President Obama's unwillingness to directly address this threat is imposing a self-destructive policy upon the nation of Israel. When faced with the lethal combination of religious fascism and the nuclear bomb, is implementing watered-down U.N. sanctions the strategy that will end the existential threat to Israel

Must we linger passively until the time comes when the world again reacts to another holocaust?

The appearance of a nuclear Iran on Israel’s horizon trumpets the call for Israel’s final exodus from the dialogues of treachery and deceit that have brought the angel of death to her front door Israelites can no longer afford to be sabotaged by fraudulent proposals cloaked in the name of peace and ever hope to survive.

Since we can never be sure when Iran will obtain the nuclear bomb  capabilites, today, tomorrow, or the next, now as with America's Founding Fathers, Israel must declare her independence from those whose current policies bound her to tyranny's diabolical edicts. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must not be given the opportunity to accomplish his unequivocally-announced and pursued goal.


Announce to the World, "Never Again Will the 
Jewish People Go Silently into the Night."  

Please click on "Sign Here" and SIGN the Jewish
People's Declaration of Independence.

Jewish Declaration 
                                                    All Signatories

Let it be known that all of the signatories to the Jewish People’s Declaration of Independence support and proclaim that as a sovereign nation,
Israel’s right of self-determination is sacrosanct. 

Furthermore, Israel retains the exclusive and irrevocable right to establish the rules of engagement or disengagement from any agreements concerning the status and survival of the Jewish State. 

Notwithstanding, is the Jewish people’s right to censure any parties, nations or international institutions which do not recognize Jerusalem as  the capital of Israel – an irrevocable right that is reserved exclusively for the citizens of the sovereign nation of  Israel.                                                          

                       Six Million Voices Must Be Heard!

date, we have collected more than 22,000 signatures to the Declaration, including those from approximately 800 Holocaust Survivors! To ensure that our voices are heard we must obtain six million signatures. Then, with your support, we will present this Decleration to Congress and demand a renewal in America's foreign policy that once again honors Israel and freedom, and declares that nations whose constitutions honor tyranny and fascism as their protocol are not viable partners for peace.

It is this crucial shift in America's foreign policy that can reset America's image as the stalwart of liberty’s decrees in the minds of our own people, our allies and, most importantly, in the minds of those nations which no longer fear our resolve -- the ones which are intent on Israel’s destruction. 

As we move foward, those who support Israel and still believe in America's just purpose and noble cause: whatever political rally you attend - the Tea Party, Glen Beck's 9/12 Rally, the Republican, Democratic or Independent Party rally - and whatever synagogue or church you attend, please make sure that the Jewish People's Declaration of Independence is recited. Six Million Voices Must Be Heard!If you do not see the Declaration above, please click HERE

Thank you so much,
Stanley Zir



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