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                       America's Obligation Towards Israel
Stanley Zir Author



Fellow Activists,


I wrote this essay to end any doubt about the purpose of our nation's existence, which clarifies the actions we must now take in order to protect, honor, and establish our sacred covenant of freedom from those determined to bring darkness to our world.


It is also important to understand that America is not here to fight Israel’s fight. Iran also poses an imminent existential threat to America. If Iran gains nuclear terrorist capability, it is a doomsday scenario.


Israel’s fight is in Gaza, against Hamas and Hezbollah, to defend her territories.   Israel’s fight is to keep Jerusalem as her capital and  her sovereignty intact. I’m not saying that Iran is not her fight — it most certainly is,  but the  battle to defeat Iran is another fight entirely.  Iran is a global threat whose terrorist tentacles spread throughout the world, not only in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Lebanon.  Iran’s Red Guard and terrorist surrogates kill American and Israeli soldiers around the world, and threathen American citizens and international ambassadors on our land.  


It is absurd to argue whether America should confront Iran. Without America there would be no free world.  If America had even lost one of these global battles, there would not have been a Western civilization as we know it.


As the Defender of the Free World, America must stand with her allies like a Big Brother when one of her own is threatened, and God only knows the cards are stacked against Israel.  This essay was written for Americans to realize their obligation. Israel can stand up and fight if she has to and she will, if she must, but we cannot let Israel take the lead in a battle that our country was ordained to carry forth and maintain our superpower status.    

If Elie Wiesel had the courage to stand up to Obama and ask why Ahmadinejad is still alive, could we do anything less and still look at our reflections in the mirror?  This is the moment of truth.


Below is the essay in its final edit.  

Thank you,
tanley Zir                   

                   Obama Crossed the Red Line
Where is the Cavalry?


Shapiro: US Military Ready for Iran Strike – If needed  - 
US Ambassador tells Israelis that America's military is not only ready to strike Iran , but has made all the necessary preparations to do so.  More smoke and mirrors;  the hype never stops. The truth: President Obama has crossed the Red Line. 

It was all too predictable. President Obama would negotiate with Iran, allowing them to develop nuclear power if they promised to abandon their nuclear weapons program. But, simply put, who is going to verify that Ahmadinejad complied? The United Nations? And, who is going to stop the endless negotiations before Iran achieves its ends? Iran is working towards a threshold status of being able to produce a nuclear bomb within 60 days, while Vice President Biden said that America will apply bunker-buster sanctions in late June that would decimate Iran’s economy if they do not comply – as if that would deter them.

This is a death knell for America and Israel. President Obama has no plans to take military action against Iran. His international partners in peace, Russia and China, are partners in helping Iran to develop nuclear power while Russia supports and aids in the defense of Iran‘s terrorist empire in Syria. Obama’s acquiescence to a G5 plus 1 containment policy to bring stability to the region is now set in stone. The cold reality is: OBAMA HAS CROSSED THE RED LINE - he will do everything in his power to prevent Israel and the country of which he was elected President, the United States of America, from confronting Iran in time unless we act now. But, where is the Cavalry?

Where is the Cavalry?


Every week, the Honorable Ambassador John Bolton appears in the news media and on the lecture circuit as a bearer of bad tidings, reporting that Iran is ever closer to becoming a nuclear terrorist empire. In the meantime, Obama continues to promote a sharia-compliant peace agenda that can only lead to a nuclear-armed Iran.  While he remains unchallenged by the mainstream media, our leadership is outrageously silent, their timidity disgraceful, acting as though it is a fait accompli. And, I wonder how it is that not one God-fearing Jewish, Christian or Congressional leader has mustered up some of the good ol’ American can-do spirit and declare, “We will not permit Obama to sell America or Israel downriver.”

If America truly is a sanctuary of freedom for all the oppressed in the world, we cannot stand by and let Obama give victory to radical Islam and worldwide tyranny. If you think you can ignore your responsibilities as a citizen when there is an imminent threat to America’s Constitution and to one of our closest allies, Israel, and still think that we can gain a victory in 2012, you are sadly mistaken.

The GOP continues to concentrate on domestic affairs as its top priority, believing that if we get our nation’s finances in order, we can move forward. No. The greatest threat to our Constitution, our prosperity and our freedoms is Iran and her Sharia protocol. It is not that the Islamists in America or the BDS in our universities don’t pose a serious threat; they do, and we must remain ever vigilant. However, the threat is not immediate. The imminent threat is from Iran, Ahmadinejad and the imams, who are one step away from securing a nuclear-armed terrorist empire that would give ultimate victory to Sharia and Islam over America and our Constitution. This is a point being disregarded by those who are on the front lines of defending America from Sharia today

America Israel  Shared Destney


We all have our specific missions in the fight against Islamofascism at a time when we find ourselves at the mercy of a President who refuses to protect and defend our nation from an existential threat. At this critical time, all patriots have one duty and one mission only – to unite as a force of one to protect and defend our Constitution, the foundation upon which our free Republic stands. If we allow Obama’s policy of compliance to Iran to go forward unchallenged, we, too, become sharia-compliant and abandon our Founders’ dreams to secure a world free from the horrors of tyranny and oppression.

Once we lose sight of the purpose of our nation’s existence, we lose our identity and our grip on victory over global tyranny. We are the defenders of liberty. We do not bow down to kings or take our marching orders from the United Nations. We are here to rid the world of tyrannical enterprises, not prop them up and make them our partners in peace. And, most importantly, we do not abandon our allies, especially, Israel, with whom we have a shared destiny as both nations are bound by the Covenant and Constitutional decree.

Without the Ten Commandments, the underpinnings of moral advancement in humanity, we would not have had the moral and ethical imperative that produced the laws that framed our Constitution, without which the ideals to which our Republic adheres could never have been actualized.

It is these same ideals - embraced by the Covenant that Abraham received from G-d - that bind America and Israel to a common endeavor, the ongoing quest to secure a world free from tyranny and the forces of oppression.

While Israel, as the keeper of the Covenant, is the light unto all nations, America is the keeper of the flame of freedom, so the Covenant of redemption and revitalization can be shared by those who suffer under tyranny.
Now, as both America and Israel find our nations at war with radical Islamic savages and secular-totalitarian barbarians whose dominions and cultures embrace laws devoid of the Covenant’s morality, we must summon our courage to conduct our nation’s business and rid the world of the threat we face from Iran’s emerging nuclear terrorist empire, or we will be put out of business by Iran and those whose joint antipathy towards both America and Israel is relentless and unending.  

With our liberties in the balance, we cannot embrace the wrong strategy or make a wrong turn, lest we find ourselves on the wrong battlefield. This is not a nationless war as Obama would have us believe. We must enter the war of victory for freedom and democracy over global tyranny that is now being waged. That is why defending Israel against Iran’s nuclear threat must be America’s top priority. Defend Israel first, and everything else will fall into place.

Defend Israel First


It is clear that with America’s destruction of the Iranian nuclear war machine, we will strike a fatal blow in the heart of Iran’s terrorist empire. With the threat of a nuclear Iran gone, Ahmadinejad’s influence in the region will disintegrate. Like pins in a bowling alley, one after another - Syria , Hamas, Hezbollah and all the rest of the criminal terrorist enterprises - will fall, because Iran ’s influence in the region will have been severed.   

In 1973, the Arab states placed an embargo on oil to punish the USA for supporting Israel in the Yom Kippur War. OPEC members agreed to use their leverage over the world's price-setting mechanism for oil in order to raise world oil prices.

But this is not 1973. Circumstances have changed. In fear of Iran’s obtaining nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia will gladly neutralize the effect of the attack on Iran by undermining the stability of the oil markets by increasing the flow of their oil supply. This is already a proven fact: two weeks ago Obama visited Saudi Arabia and requested that they increase their oil supply when he applies tougher sanctions on Iran – thereby neutralizing the effectiveness of Iran’s price manipulation. Since Obama visited Saudi Arabia the price of oil has stabilized.

Unfortunately though the Saudis made the wrong deal because Obama’s sharia-enablement policy can only lead to a nuclear Iranian terrorist state. The Saudis should have demanded that he destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure to cut the deal. Who said you cannot control the price of oil in order to protect our vital interests abroad in the short term.?

Having the courage to stand against the absolute power of tyranny is the shortest route to free ourselves from Iran’s oil/nuclear stranglehold.  We need not be fearful of China’s disapproval because of the debt we have accrued with her. China’s economy depends on exports to U.S.: China exports $1.58 trillion of its production, making it the world's second-largest exporter after the EU, and China ships 18% of its exports to the U.S. China also relies on America’s entrepreneurial spirit that produces new ideas and products that keeps China's economy moving forward.

This is why it is in our best interests for America to attack Iran. Not only will the price of oil return to acceptable levels soon after the encounter with Iran, but America will thrive because the world will regain its confidence in protecting free-market economies from the assault of government-controlled fascist societies once the evil of Ahmadinejad is eliminated.

Springtime Offensive

If we are to turn the tables on President Obama and his G5 plus 1 world globalists, we need a springtime offensive. History teaches us that a reluctant Congress will only respond to overwhelming pressure from the public. When was the last time Obama or Iran took a Congressional resolution seriously?  We will need a courageous Congressional leader who, for love of country, is willing to spend all his political capital and take the lead - demand that President Obama stop stalling, end the fraudulent dialogues and useless sanctions and destroy Iran’s nuclear terrorist war machine NOW - for there is little-to-no time left.

Then others will have the courage to follow, and the floodgates will open – all challenging Obama to change direction and take direct action against Iran. Our representatives should represent us and all that we stand for. This is our country! We must demand that they speak up for America’s and Israel’s sake. It is not Israel’s mission to fight a global threat for the rest of the world; it is America’s, as the Leader of the Free World, to take the lead in this fight.

In order to ensure that this offensive gets off the ground the leaders of Jewish and Christian organizations, media outlets and radio talk-show hosts, and their followers, must too take the lead. These generals hold the key to pressure Obama and force him to change course, for they have it within their power to create a sense of urgency to unleash millions of calls and visits to Congress that will spur our Congressional leaders into action.

Only then will Obama change course. This is a proven strategy. We did it with Presidents Clinton and Bush when millions of citizens called their Congressional representatives and it resulted in changing their positions.

While promoting his 9-9-9 tax policy, Cain was asked, “Do you think there is a will in Washington that these politicians will put their careers on the line to do the right thing?” And he replied, “Not without the will of the people, without a massive, activist grassroots movement from the bottom up. They are not going to do it from the inside. When they feel the heat, they will see the light. We the people must be the heat. We have to take on the Goliath.”

It’s time to shake up our nation. We must derail Obama’s Sharia-compliant foreign policy, not wave the white flag of surrender to Islam. Obama has crossed the red line. Where is the Cavalry? Where is the heat? For the keepers of the Covenant and defenders of freedom, victory is guaranteed. Defend Israel first; everything else will fall into place.

Stanley Zir


Thank you,

Stanley Zir
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