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 This is the Moment of Truth




The time for passivity and mincing words are over.  Finally, one Righteous Jewish Leader had the courage to stand up to the President of the United States. Two weeks ago , Elie Wiesel confronted  President Obama over his inaction against Iran at a ceremony held at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. "How is it that the Holocaust's No. 1 denier is still a president?  He who threatens to use nuclear weapons to destroy the Jewish state.  We must know that when evil has power, it is almost too late." 
Now thanks to Mr. Wiesel, no longer do the Republican party, Jewish and Christian communities, have to mince words.  Words like “End the Iranian threat" or "Stop Iran,” must be left behind.  They’re ineffective.  Following Elie Wiesel’s lead, we must also confront the President directly and unequivocally demand he destroy the Iranian nuclear terrorist infrastructures now. 


60 Nuclear Experts at Work Building Iranian Nuclear Bomb



For those who are still skittish and reluctant to call out for a direct attack on the nuclear war machine, debkafile reports there are 60 Iranian experts employed by 11 different Iranian agencies controlled by the Iranian Defense Ministry  that are  working on building a nuclear weapon. Through the secret US-Iranian track, Khamenei told Barack Obama that Fordow will not be shut down.

I would like to remind you, had there been a pre-emptive strike on Hitler’s armies, it might have prevented the death of millions of Jews and Christians who had the potential to become parents, physicians, scientists, leaders in all realms of endeavor known to mankind.
Below is a generic two-sided flyer that you can download and print out from your computer or put on a memory stick and take to a print shop.
This is the two-sided flyer poster that we have been promoting and that precisely mirrors Elie Wiesel’s urgent plea.  As we said, "Ahmadinejad is constructing chambers of death where nuclear bombs will replace Zyklon B to do Hitler's bidding in their Hell on Earth.  How dare any nation or any party say we should not immediately demand the destruction of Iran's nuclear war terrorist machine?" That is why we are asking you to make this poster/flyer the centerpiece in your campaign to demand that the President take action now.

You will notice that neither the poster nor the commentary references any site or contact.  This was done to omit mention of any particular movement or organization. The poster and the commentary speak for themselves. You might also want to just print out the poster, which would be fine. After you download this flyer, post it in your synagogue, your church, or in the public square, and send this e-mail to your friends and associates. Tell them to send it everywhere. None can escape the profound effect this poster has on any who view it..                 . 
2-Sided Flyer: To download, Click Here  
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Commentary of 2-sided flyer: 


Dear Friends of Israel,
The Jews in Auschwitz waited for help. And when it finally come, it was six years and six million lives too late. There’s a difference between war-mongering (to kill, usurp, conquer and rule) and advocating for a pre-emptive strike to head off disaster, and saving our democracies from tyranny’s oppressive rule. Had there been a pre-emptive strike on Hitler’s armies, it might have prevented the death of millions of Jews and Christians who had the potential to become parents, physicians, scientists, leaders in all realms of endeavor known to mankind.
Ahmadinejad is constructing chambers of death where nuclear bombs will replace Zyklon B to do Hitler’s bidding in their Hell on earth. How dare any nation or any party say that we should not immediately demand destruction of the Iranian nuclear war machine? Who dares to tell the Jewish people, victims of the most heinous crimes perpetrated throughout history, that Never Again is a hollow phrase! Those who claim to support the Jewish people, but still do not call for the immediate destruction of Iran ’s nuclear infrastructure when Iran is only moments away from becoming a nuclear, terrorist, armed state, cannot speak for the Jews. Are they denying the Iranian plot to carry out yet another (this time nuclear) holocaust? What are we waiting for? Another day to say, “We should have” and “Let’s build another Yad Vashem memorial?”
Iran is on the verge of establishing failsafe nuclear underground sites. We must demand that President Obama take action now. It is Obama‘s responsibility as our Commander-in-Chief and the Defender of the Free World, not Israel’s, to immediately stop Iran from becoming a nuclear terrorist state. We must not let Israel face the greatest enemy to freedom alone or it will be a victory for Radical Islam. Who will then be left to prevent the globalization of a tyrannical One World Order if America's identity as the advocate for freedom were to be vanquished?
The question is not whether America should HELP Israel attack Iran – it is not Israel 's mission to fight the global threat for the rest of the world. The question is whether America will assume her position as Leader of the Free World and LEAD the attack on Iran, which will protect Israel and the West. All Jewish and Christian communities must come together as a party of one, transcending differences and protocols, and proceed with one heart and purpose to put an immediate end to the Iranian nuclear threat.
All parties need to give their full attention to the singlemost important priority at this time. Whether you are an honorable member of groups like ZOA or the Federation, Act! for America, Tea Party Nation, and any pro-Israel Christian organization, this is a call that as citizens we cannot afford to ignore. According to The Hill’s poll, 49% of all Americans favor a pre-emptive strike on Iran. We only have to rally another 30% of Americans, to overcome Obama’s inaction and end Iran’s imminent threat to America and Israel.
Now is the time to contact your Congressman and demand Obama take action Now! It’s not that they’ll pass resolutions, but it’s our sense of urgency they’ll feel when we overwhelm them with our visits and calls that will spur them into action.   Please send this two-sided flyer to like-minded friends, family, and associates, and have them post it in synagogues, churches, schools and wherever possible in the public sector. We must save ourselves and our descendants. 

Arise Lions of Judah,
All  Lovers of Israel and Freedom 


Poster side of two sided flyer




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There are other campaigns that require Congress to pass resolutions, but they never yield results.  When was the last time Obama or Iran took a Congressional resolution seriously?  Furthermore, Congress will not even be able to pass a binding resolution until 2013 – that is, if we win both houses and a Republican President sits in the White House.  And Iran will have nuclear, military capability long before then.

History teaches us that a reluctant Congress will only respond to overwhelming pressure from the public; only then, will Obama be forced to relent.  This is our only option. That is why I am asking you to fund our campaign – because we take this approach


I will be sending out a fund raising letter next week in order to spead this message and  the 2-Sided Flyer across America. . Meanwhile if you with to make a donation go to website there are many options.


Elie Wiesel was right when he asked President Obama, “Why is Ahmadinejad still president?”  In the name of all of the heroes and martyrs who fought for freedom's cause, and in the name of the Six Million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. We must act and demand that our President destroy the Iranian nuclear war machine now.  


We will need volunteers and any assistance you can provide.  Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and let us know how you’re proceeding.  Results are essential and call with any questions.   


Thanks You 

Stanley Zir  


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