Christians, You Must Never Forget

Christians, you must never forget that we are American citizens, and as with all our fellow citizens, we gave our allegiance to protect America from her enemies foreign and domestic, above all else.

Separation of church and state does not mean that you may separate yourself from your responsibility to defend your country from an imminent threat when the President is delinquent in his Constitutional duties.  It is our obligation as people of faith and good conscious to publicly demand he fulfill his oath to our country, not only when we deem it be in our best interest (such as with Obama’s recent attack on Christianity), but also in the case of Iran.  We must speak out and demand that our President carry his Constitutional commitment to defend this country from those who would destroy her.  Incredibly, even as Israel and America face the threat of an Iran’s becoming a nuclear terrorist state, you have chosen to remain silent.  Not only do you have the right to speak out under our First Amendment, but you are morally bound to do so.   
Simply translated:  President Obama, you must destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure now.
Do your Christians leaders think they we can avoid conflicts and keep your religious freedoms when confronted by nations and people who are willing to die to destroy them?   Throughout history, this is what they have preached to their flock.  It is the absence of those who would stand and defend us from the assault of fascism and tyranny that is the greatest threat to the peace held dear by all free nations.  It is one thing for Obama to aspire to becoming a false prophet of peace, but quite another to be followed by the Christian population.  
There are times for soft power, a process that incorporates dialogues in place of threats of military actions in order to reach equitable agreements between nations.   There are times for civil unrest and passive resistance in order to demoralize an enemy, change public opinion and bring offenders to the table.   And there are times for sanctions in order to take a more hard-line position to achieve such ends.
But when it comes to those who have chosen to praise G-d through acts of treachery and oppression, one finds the recipe for hatred that is all consuming.  It is here, when you find yourself face to face with pure evil, that you have no choice but to fight, or you will perish when confrontede with the lethal combination of terrorism and tyranny.  Negotiations are not an agent of peace.
Christain why are you silent
Where are the Christian communities; why are their voices not heard?  Why are you not demanding that Obama, not Israel, destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure?  Are you even concerned with the scenario, on whether Iran should be attacked?  Your silence is deafening.  
The Jews in Auschwitz waited for outside help and prayed to heaven; the Allied forces arrived, but 6 million people and 6 years too late. No one else is coming forward for the Jews and those who claim to stand with the Jewish people are giving only lip service. 
Because of Obama and our congressional leaders in abstentia, America has turned her back on Israel.  Those in America who love Israel have become the new David, facing the Goliath who demands that Israel sign onto a political agenda that promises a “peaceful coexistence with the Islamic world based on the destruction of Israel – a desecration of God’s covenant that protects America and the free world from a reign of tyranny from afar and  within.
Yet, we still hear nothing from the Christian community who should be shouting from the rooftops that Obama’s foreign policy is leading to the destruction of Israel and America and the persecution of Jews worldwide. Unfortunately it is becoming ever too clear, that our religious brethern are becoming false prophets of peace. When we say, ‘Let’s attack.“ they retreat, as if this were some immoral stance from which they wish to refrain at all cost.  
George Washington went to war to save Americans from England’s tyranny – was that war-mongering? Americans went to war after being bombed on December 7, 1941 – was that war mongering?

There’s a difference between war-mongering – to kill, to usurp, conquer, and rule – and advocating for war – for the sake of striking first, heading off disaster, and saving our democracies from tyranny’s oppressive rule.
Yet our Christian brethren who claim to stand with israel will not cry out, "Congress, stand up for America and all that she was meant to be, and end this threat to Israel and our freedoms, by launching a pre-emptive strike on Iran.”
Christians United For Israel (CUFI) recently announced that, based on enemy capabilities, the IDF believes that hundreds of Israelis could be killed this year from 8,000 rockets and missiles in a war.
Why don’t they understand that the Jewish people don’t want to be treated as some chosen people when it comes to defending their homeland. We rightly accept the casualties of war.  Even though our heart break that that even one Jew must die, ending the threat of the total destruction of Israel is not a consideration.
(stan: trade-off?)
Yet not once did these good Christians say, “Let’s get the enemy first!” What are they waiting for – another day when they say, “W e should have…” and “Let’s build another Yad Vashem?!“  What ARE waiting for?  Lip service is not a vote of confidence.
Had there been a pre-emptive strike on Hitler’s armies, it might have prevented the death of millions of Jews and others who had the potential to become parents, physicians, scientists, leaders in all the fields known to mankind.

No one is coming forward for the Jews, and if the United States doesn’t, and the majority of the Christians in Europe are eager to lend a helping hand to the Islamic world, it is mind-boggling to consider what might happen next.  The Europeans seem to believe that if they sacrifice Israel and the Jews, it will bring them peace with the Islamic world and prosperity (Just as Chamberlain chose to appease Hitler with Czechoslovakia, opening the door to Hitler’s further aggression into Europe). 
They seem to have forgotten:
The exact text of what Martin Niemoller said, and which appears in the Congressional Record,
October 14, 1968, page 31636 is:
            "When Hitler attacked the Jews
            I was not a Jew, therefore I was not concerned.
            And when Hitler attacked the Catholics,
            I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned.
            And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists,
            I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned.
            Then Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church --
            and there was nobody left to be concerned."

A study of the relationship between Islam and the rest of the world shows that the Buddhists and Hindus are also targets.  They are woefully ignorant of history, or willfully blind because it is not difficult to connect the dots.
Tea party Christians, if you considef yourselves patriots, no patriot in our history woulod have replied as you did.  You should be fighting this fascism, regardless of what it’s termed today, before it is allowed to control our lives and that of our progeny.
Ahmadinejad is constructing chambers of death to do Hitler’s bidding, using nuclear bombs to replace Zyklon B in their Hell on Earth.  How dare any nation or any party (particularly from among our own) say that we should not immediately demand the destruction of the Iranian war machine? Who dares to tell the Jewish people, victims of the most heinous crimes perpetrated throughout history, that Never Again is a hollow phrase? Those Christians who claim to support the Jewish people, but still do not call for the immediate destruction of Iran when it is only moments away from achieving that end, cannot speak for the Jews –not now, not ever.
Never forget how many people gave up their lives so you could have the freedom to worship today. Never forget as a Christan, a Jew, or anyone, that we need to lay down our lives when there is an imminent threat that would deny us these freedoms, lest we be enslaved by the forces of tyranny that you now have to deal with .
(Stan: do not correct the above; the word is LEST, not LEAST)
If you call yourself a Christian but you don’t accept what it is to be an American, then as a person of  faith and conscience, you are accepting your own spirtual demise.  As an American, if nothing else, you should be fighting against tyranny to save ALL other people.   All good deeds are for nought and will not protect you when they come to kill because you did not invest in protecting yourselves.  The Torah says, “Your hand shall be the first raised to slay him.“ Cached - SimilarYou +1'd this publicly. Undo
No patriot in our history would have allowed the situation to progress thus far. American Christian leaders should be  leading the fight against fascism before it’s allowed to control our lives and our children’s.  For God’s sake, Christians, demand that Obama destroy these nuclear death chambers now!
It is one thing to be tax-exempt, thus giving you your right to make    political statements, and quite another thing to refuse to giving up that status and losing your soul.


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