Never again is Now

                       Never Again is Now 
Stanley Zir  Author



For the past 20 years I have been chronicling a series of events in the Middle East whose effect on the peace process has been responsible for eating away at the lifelines that are needed to keep Jerusalem under Israel's sovereignty and the results have been all too predictable.

 Those who choose to praise God through acts of treachery, tyranny and oppression live with an all-consuming hatred. But if the righteous are to prevail, then ultimately this cancer must be excised.

This cancer was overlooked in Yasser Arafat, and now, in Mahmoud Abbas, as well, who still does not recognize the right of Israel to exist. It is same oversight that has given a free pass to Iran for the development of its nuclear facilities; it has President George Bush looking for economic relief in Saudi Arabia and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert looking for fool's gold in Syria.  The list goes on and the noose around Israel's neck tightens.

But it is the threat Israel faces from oil prices reaching unpredictable levels combined with the American and the European reliance on OPEC that compels action. The sovereignty of the nation of Israel could well be sacrificed by those who think that a Palestinian State must immediately be established in order to bring stability back to the international oil markets

How high will prices at the gas pump rise in America during the four years (minimum) it will take to develop a real alternative? This is the discussion that is taking place during lunch hours across America. Who is to blame for high oil prices, they ask. What can we do in the interim to survive the rising cost of gas? How can we survive for another four years?

But the threat of skyrocketing oil prices has already put Israel directly in the path of American bloodhounds looking for a scapegoat. As America’s economy is driven to its knees, the American people could easily be lured into accepting a solution that the Arab World provides: turning on OPEC oil spigots in exchange for support for their positions on a Palestinian State in Israel's heartland. And the danger will increase exponentially unless Israel can expose those who are brokering worthless Palestinian State Bonds for who they are.

Earlier this year, Jordan's King Abdullah II addressed the issue and its threatening ramifications should America not deliver the Israeli "merchandise": "If we fail to take the necessary steps to resolve the core problem of the region, it will become significantly harder for the countries of the Middle East to work in partnership with America in the future."

By accepting the erroneous premise that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the underlying cause for the ever-increasing tensions between Arab nations and the United States, America and her allies continue to blindly insist that peace can be achieved with nations that openly give their allegiance to religious tyrannical decrees.

But religious tyranny is the real threat to world security, not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And those tyrannies are using their skyrocketing oil prices as leverage, in order to weaken Israel to a point that it can be easily defeated. Oil is a vital interest to America's economy - and OPEC controls the flow. What is Israel to do?

There are those who might think I am an alarmist and have overstated this threat, because it is supply and demand speculation that is driving the oil market - not OPEC's bad intentions. Well, they say "the devil is in the details"; in this case, it could not be more fitting.

While it is true that Saudi Arabia and Iran control a lion’s share of the oil market, it is also true they can limit the supply of crude when the demand is high. After all, Saudi Arabia is producing about 9.4 million barrels a day and experts say, unlike most oil producers, their ability to increase production by about two million barrels a day would be no threat to their vast supply. This, combined with the fact that crude oil producing nations and state-owned oil companies in China and Russia can sell their oil products well below market value, has the power to devalue America's currency. That is why Americans are now going to Mexico to buy gas at $2.35 a gallon.

But it is the nuclear threat from Iran and the demand on Israel to accept peace agreements from the Arab League that brings instability to the Middle East and adds to the volatility of the oil futures market. This is what is wreaking havoc with the American economy and what puts the Arab League and Iran in the catbird's seat. America and Israel both found this out when Sha'ul Mofaz, Israel's Transportation Minister, threatened Iran and the price of crude oil rose 10 dollars a barrel in one day.

The writing is on the wall: approve the Arab states' conditions for the creation of a new Palestinian State; in exchange, get their behind-the-scenes support for sanctions against Iran, and get a price break on crude for America and the EU.

Can you fault the President of the United States for looking out for the best interests of the American people? Will America join the "Oil for Jews" choir?

For the Europeans and the majority of the nations in the United Nations, sacrificing Israel has been a small price to pay for preventing their own economic disaster. On the other hand, America's founders believed that protecting freedom will always provide victory for good over evil, prosperity over despair. Protecting the sovereignty of those countries in liberty's domain has not only been in America's best interests, it has been her greatest quality. Steadfastness in investing in the viability of free market economies has time and again proven that the starving horse called Tyranny will always finish last. Giving in to tyranny, in contrast, gives it a second wind and always ensures unending extortion.

The appearance of the mosque-and-state totalitarian cooperatives of the Middle East on Liberty's radar screen om 911 signaled a shift in the tyranny food chain, replacing the secular Communists of the past. And it is now obvious that Israel is being assaulted on all fronts by just such totalitarian states. It is only steps away from being sacrificed via a Jerusalem-for-Oil peace settlement, which would bring legitimacy to a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital. An unrepentant Palestinian population - now armed with modern weapons bought legitimately on the international market - would then launch a holy war against Israel, declared on the Temple Mount.

Now is "Never Again," Israel. Therefore, it behooves all Jews and Americans of all creeds to unite and use every possible resource to make sure direct action is taken against Iran by mid-November, at the very the latest. Such a move against one threatening religious tyranny would signal a firm determination to confront other kinds of threats from the remaining religious tyrannies in the region - including Saudi Arabia.

While the initial surge in the price of crude oil in the wake of an attack on Iran will be alarming, to say the least, it pales in comparison to the beneficial strategic fallout. It will finally make it clear that extortion is a risky business; and prices will return to acceptable levels after the dust settles.  

 For those who fear an uprising of the Islamic world against the West after the attack on Iran, one must recall that Americans in every generation pledged their lives and fortunes to defend their way of life from such threats. It was this same pledge that enabled Americans to make the necessary sacrifices to shoulder the economic burden levied by an endless parade of saber-waving fascists throughout history. The good news is that the Arab world, Iran, Russia and China will only have four years to achieve their goal of bringing us low if Israeli and American ingenuity is properly harnessed to free the West of tyranny's oily stranglehold


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