Obama Must Go: America and Israel Must Stand Together



Today is the launch of our new site wwwneveragainisnow.net (the old site www.neveragainisnow.com is still current.)  While also introducing the Joshua Campaign to new people, there is something we must also address, so that we move forward as one, to achieve our objective.

It is the obligation of America, as Defender of the Free World, not Israel, to end the impending global threat posed by Iran. When we declare our support for Israel’s right to attack Iran, we are absolving Obama of his Presidential obligation to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to demand he destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure 
The Joshua Campaign has been created to build a sizable army of ordinary citizens who, at a moment’s notice, can be brought together to create a firestorm media blitz that will effectively expose the stance of the top leaders in the administration on matters of critical importance – before their negative agendas become a permanent part of the landscape,
Since the media has been delinquent in demanding an answer from the President,
about his position on so many critical issues he continues to be evasive . I knew that something had to change when I launched Operation Joshua.  
In April, a unique opportunity arose unlike any other over the past two years of Mr. Obama’s presidency, one that would enable us to expose his real position on the Arab-Palestinian/Israeli issue. With the UN resolution slated for September to create a Palestinian state, with Hamas at the helm in Jerusalem, it is clearly evident that the “Leader of the Free World” would have no choice but to defy the decree because Hamas is on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations.  If Mr. Obama were to momentarily hesitate to consider this possibility, he would be delinquent in his duty as Commander-in-chief, thus forfeiting his right to continue his leadership position.  If he were to fail to take this resolution seriously, he must still denounce it because Hamas is a terrorist organization and Israel is our ally.  He has done neither – his continued silence speaks volumes.   
The success of the Joshua Campaign lies in our determination to make apparent to the public that there is no possible reason that the President of the United States could not come out and unequivocally declare that he would never deal with Hamas, under any circumstances, regardless of promises made now or in the future, because they are a terrorists organization.  
Thus on May 4th, after a month and a half of silence, there was no longer any doubt; he made it abundantly clear that he would not stand with Israel when he finally announced that this unholy Hamas/Fatah alliance may be a viable option.  This was verified when Mr. Carney, the President's press secretary, declared the President’s opinion, "What is important now is that the Palestinians ensure implementation of that agreement, that its implementation advances prospects of peace, rather than undermines those prospects." This was the “gotcha!” moment I had been waiting for, for more than two years.  It was now all too obvious that all Jewish groups and rabbis must summon up the courage to stand against a policy that could lead to the destruction of Israel – a policy in which the President of the United States is complicit.
The Tea Party, Republicans, and Democrats have a different and equally important responsibility here.  As part of their foreign policy platforms, they must stand for freedom and in opposition to fascism, tyranny, and terrorists in all circumstances, bar none, particularly with respect to our allies – among whom Israel ranks number one.  Furthermore, all Americans must understand that Israel and America are bound together by covenant and decree. The proof is our credo that both nations dedicate themselves to promoting peace and prosperity throughout the world.
By contrast, the enemies of freedom, religious fascists and secular tyrannies, use their lands to bring down a reign of domination upon mankind, continuing their scourge of slaughter of 270 million people over 1400 years.  Those who do not grasp this crucial point are not only on the wrong side of history, but on the wrong battleground, where the final struggle to secure this world as a sanctuary free from oppression by global jihad.  
Therefore, the time has come for America and Israel to stand together to expel Hamas and Fatah.  Despite any prior claims they assert, terrorists shall not impose their terror on any lands on this Earth.  It matters not that the terrorists recognize Israel; it matters greatly that America and Israel must never recognize them.  
As for the naysayers among us who claim that America's input is helpful yet inconsequential unless Israel stands up first to the terrorist, regardless of the consequences, I say you should have your head examined! Of course, Israel must defend herself in the end, even if she is deserted by the whole world; she has no choice in this matter. But we must take into account that America is a super power and if Obama doesn't stand up for Israel, what's next? Russia or China’s declaring war on Israel, if she attacks Iran? The possibilities are endless and frightening, and all this  because the President of the United States will not leverage his power as the Leader of the Free World  to put the fear of God into any nation that entertains such a notion.  Although Mr. Obama may be using his Bin Laden triumph to convince Israel otherwise, it is still another ploy for terrorist groups and UN initiatives to get their way if Israel does not acquiesce to his demands.
Americans must never allow the President to put Israel in such a position. If America continues on this path, what will be our worth in the future?  Nothing. What will be the value of the American brand in the future? Nothing.  It is only the Leader of the Free World who has the power and influence to end this debacle and take the pressure off Netanyahu, which now makes it almost impossible for him to stand up and defend Israel from her enemies, even though he must. How can Netanyahu be expected to make a decision for Israel that is in her best interests, when he is being put under pressure by both the world at large and President of the US to sign agreements that are Jewicidal.
Naysayers, we need you to stand up so we can remove Obama's noose from Netanyahu's neck. We need the entire Jewish community’s involvement in this undertaking so that Netanyahu will have the assurance he needs to stand up to Obama and say, " We  will never yield one inch, not now, not ever, to any policy that would lead to  the destruction of the Jewish state. Republicans, this is an opportunity of a life time, for Obama has made a fatal mistake. How can he stand with terrorists claiming they are legitimate peace partners?
Republicans: let the American people know we have a President in the White House who refuses to denounce a terrorist initiative.  This is your ticket to the White House in 2012 .
That is why we are asking your involvement in Operation Joshua, for we must tear down the wall of silence and deception that this President continues to create as he wants us to believe that he has the best interests of America and  Israel at heart. The presence of a man in the Oval Office, who is hostile to Israel, is the issue, and the survival of America and the free world is at stake. Now it is up to "We the People." Join this Joshua Call until this wall of deception falls.  We must keep up the pressure from today until November, 2012 – or until he is forced to resign.


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