State of the Union 2011: Starring President Obama as the Don of Con

                        State of the Union 2011
                           Starring President Obama, as the Don of Con
                                                                   By Stanley Zir and Susan North  

It is 2011, nearly three months after the November elections. Incredibly, Mr. Obama is again attempting to replace our free market system of competitive ideas with a Red Chinese American-style, government-controlled economy. That would be fine if the US Communist party would have won the elections, but it did not. It is time to close the curtain on this side show carnie barker, and his cure-all elixir scam.
After working for more than 20 years in the slums of New York City, I find it easy to spot a con artist, and I have learned that you always have to stay three or four steps ahead of the con, to keep that person’s scam under raps.
The Obama Con is always on. He is an eloquent speaker who uses words to trick us. He manipulates the facts and keeps us off balance. He knows how to cover the tracks of his failed policies and push his Marxist agenda forward. He is a master of deception – a chameleon in stealth mode – co-opting our founders’ dream for a more perfect Union as if they were born to fulfill his dream. He knows just what to say, so even the so-called intelligent among us are left spellbound, gasping for breath after his speeches.
The question is how to derail the Obama Con Express before it departs towards the 2012 Presidential elections. One way is to expose the technique he uses time after time to deceive the American Public, “before” he addresses the American People on any issue of great significance.
Once his modus operandi (smoke and mirrors) is fully exposed, the American public can kick back and watch him make a fool of himself on national TV. We need a little levity in these tough times. Why not let this public servant do what he does best – humor us!
Let’s take a look at what has occurred in the two short weeks leading up to his State of the Union speech this Tuesday as he sets us all up for the fall:
Last week, in Doha, Qatar, Secretary of State Clinton was unusually direct in dealing with the leaders of the Arab League. She delivered a stark warning to these leaders with unusually blunt remarks on their violation of human rights, business corruption and other issues. WOW!  When, during the last two years, have we ever heard her talk like this to the Arabs? Never!
In the same week, she again pulled China’s coat about not being strong with North Korea, and about China’s violation of human rights. The most populous nation in the world must be shivering in their boots!
Back at the White House, a deal was closed on some business with the Chinese extortionist, I mean, President, Hu Jintao. President Hu was semi-admonished for China’s violation of human rights and manipulation of currency at an open press conference by our beloved con artist. Now he can inform the America people that he can work with Red China to stimulate our economy, create jobs, and stand strong against China’s violation of human rights and her threats to undermine our currency.
His errand boy, Eric Holder, a.k.a. the Attorney General, just announced the rounding up of 127 Mafia boys. What a defender of freedom – the greatest attack in American history against organized crime! The last time we heard from Eric Holder, he was opposing Arizona’s right to defend her own sovereignty.
Last Friday, General Electric’s CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, was appointed the head of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness; this, despite GE’s manufacture of jet engines and components in China, not in the USA. General Electric also has a nasty track record of selling products to Iran. This is a curious vote of confidence - appointing the leader of an American company which supplies Iran with components that can be used against our troops.
But Immelt champions an Obama, Al Gore, Go Green initiative, and he is going to be the go-between form the White House with Wall Street. Big Business in bed with the White House - sounds more like a Communist initiative than one made in the USA. This Administration seems to have more faith in growth under the Chinese system than under the American capitalist system. Perhaps this is their way of saying to us that we must create a “level playing field” between us and our Red Chinese brethren.
But, the biggest con of all, is  Obama’s claim that “the American people want both parties to work together to get things done.”  No, no, no – the American people voted in November to upend Congress so that  Obama, his agenda and the out-of-control spending would be stopped. Washington has already done too much – now we want it undone.
There is no doubt that Obama is still up to his old tricks. The past two weeks he positioned himself to appear as a strong leader.. Now he is in the perfect position to make his case at the State of Union  for increase government spending by investing in growth industries, modernize our infrastructure, create jobs, reduce debt and in order to compete in the global economy – He can accomplish this ruse because he continues to fabricate the lie that our old way of doing business in America  almost led to her financial collapse-  the truth is the financial crisis was due to the ill-conceived political and economic ideologies of his party.  
Who is going to disagree with Mr. Obama – the Republicans who are holding hands with the Democrats at the State of the Union? The fun part will be to observe how Obama dresses up his Communist pig and creates the illusion of a shift to the center.
Republicans: if you are to be successful you need to stay at least three steps ahead of President Obama and expose his “Con” – every day, every step of the way – not just in the little remaining time before his State of the Union speech, but until the very day he leaves the White House.
We need to explicitly address the Obama Con as the name of the game he is playing. It has been played particularly aggressively in the last two weeks to manipulate the truth before his State of the Union speech. We must expose his con before he delivers his mid-term address.  Afterwards, when the opposition responds to Obama’s words, it will be too late - as too many Americans will have already drunk the Kool-Aid.
A world-renowned comedian, W.C. Fields, summed it up perfectly when he said, “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break.” The American People have been suckered time and time again – it is time to stop it.
Our State of the Union is only strong when the American People and Government adhere to the Constitution. It can never be strong when Government fails to uphold the Constitution, and it can be especially weakened when there aggressive attempts to overthrow it.
My fellow Republicans: The President keeps conning you into compromising your position, and too many of you keep buying into the scam. The American people do not want “agreement” or “bipartisanship” with Obama’s agenda. In November, they voted to stop him, and everything he represents. They did not vote to have our newly elected officials be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf.
Stanley Zir
Guest Editor/Writer Susan North
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
*A comprehensive assessment of the state of our Union may be found in “Israel & America Enter the Death Zone”, by Stanley Zir & Buddy Macy.
(Click HERE: This essay shines light on the full range of issues that must be dealt with if Liberty’s noble enterprise is to survive: Israel, Iran, the Road Map, the United Nations and America’s domestic and foreign policy. In this essay, it is written:
“Leading up to the midterm elections, all that we have heard from all parties are concerns about our domestic policies, while, in reality, the greatest threat to our nation and the free world is the present foreign policy. Now, more than two months later, the threat remains.”

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