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   צהרת העצמאות של העם היהודי 
    Jewish People's Declaration of   Independence

 Announce to the World, "Never Again Will the Jewish People Go Silently into the Night "

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                                          Never Again is Now!

While Iran ’s radical leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, openly calls for the eradication of the State of Israel, his country may be only moments away from obtaining nuclear weapons capability.

Meanwhile, President Obama sits idly by, allowing a totally ineffective UN to speak for him, while he continues to express his willingness to negotiate directly with this megalomaniac sponsor of state and international terrorism, without pre-conditions. President Obama's unwillingness to directly address this threat is imposing a policy that would destroy the State of Israel and put the world in great peril. 

Must we linger passively until the world gets caught up in another Holocaust?  

When faced with the lethal combination of religious fascists armed with a nuclear bomb is implementing watered-down U.N sanctions the strategy that will end the existential threat to Israel ?  

A nuclear Iran on Israel ’s horizon trumpets the call for Israel ’s final exodus from the dialogues of treachery and deceit that have brought the Angel of Death to her front door. Israel can no longer afford to be sabotaged by fraudulent proposals cloaked in the name of peace and ever hope to survive.  

We will never know with certainty when Iran will obtain the nuclear bomb - today, tomorrow, the next day. Now, as with America 's Founding Fathers, Israel must declare her independence from those nations whose current policies bind her to tyranny's diabolical edicts. Iran 's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must not be given the opportunity to accomplish his unequivocally announced and pursued goal.   

So there is no longer any doubt in any nation about the actions Israel will take to protect her sovereignty, to clear up any believe that sanctions provide a viable solution to end the Iranian threat, in the name of the Holocaust victims, and as representatives of the Jewish People "We the living'" have a moral obligation to speak out for Jews in need and/or peril. Ours must be a unified voice of compassion and justice. It must be an unequivocal voice of strength and reason and protection against the 'Two-State Final solution' that would lead to the destruction of the Jewish state from within, and a mighty call for the world and to destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure NOW!

               Six Million Voices Must be Heard
      Sign Here and SIGN the Jewish People's Declaration of Independance

To date we have collected thousands of signatures to the Declaration, including those from approximately 800 Holocaust Survivors! We are spreading the Jewish People's Decleration in order to ensure that its words are adopted by Congress to bring about the renewal of America 's foreign policy that once again honors  Israel and Freedom and declares - terrorists and fascists are not viable partners for peace. 

 Whether you are affiliated with the Tea Party, Republican, Democratic or Independent Parties, and whatever synagogue or church, or other peaceful religious house of worship you attend, please make sure that the Jewish People's Declaration of Independence is Signed, Posted, and Recited. Six Million [Victims'] Voices Must Be Heard!


If you do not see the Declaration above or cannot read it please click HERE: To SIGN the Petitions, again please click HERE: Thank you so much.


Stanley Zir/Buddy Macy 
Founders of Never Again is NOW
Re-editTaiotha Korol.Staff 

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