Star of David in the Heavens


One of our ultimate goals is the construction of a monument to King David in Jerusalem, with the names of the heros and  Holocaust victims memorialized on this monument.  For, until we see the Star of David touching the Heavens on Israel’s skyline, we cannot truly claim Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in King David’s name.
The monument will appear as a 500-foot high, 50-foot wide GOLDTOWER with the Star of David on top. In the middle of the tower, holding up the star, will be a circular steel pole. Every night, at sunset, the outer walls of the monument will recede into the ground. A beam of light will be emitted from the base of the pole and envelop the tower all the way to the Star of David, making it appear to be floating in the heavens. At sunrise, the monument will once again be raised, bringing the names of the Holocaust victims back into the sunlight as witness to G-d’s heavenly decree.

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