Written by Stanley Zir March 3, 2007


“History abounds with examples of oppression by religious or secular authority over those who advocated a new way of thinking or tried to empower ordinary people. Many new traditions sprang from the courage of those ordinary individuals who overcame such oppression\"






In 1962 I wrote in my diary: The voice of Liberty like the voice of God is a call to justice once heard  cannot go unanswered   

Now at the age of 66 and some forty-five years later I have converged on that moment where the actions I now take will define my existence either I will now tie together all loose ends and finalize my mission, or become a soul defined by lessons lost packaged in meaningless images 

Am I crazy? No just a high roller who wagered his life worth in the war against tyranny and depiction In the end it will be the success or failure this endeavor that will determine my salvation 

I am not a white tower student of history, nor the traditional academic scholar offering solutions and theories based on the ideological works of other scholars. Rather, it is my thirty years experience of oppression and subjugation of my fundamental rights in a religious institution that revealed to me the great parallels to the major conflicts and turmoil appearing on the international scene today 

As a leader in a prominent religious institution, I traveled in the most dangerous getthos in New York , visiting troubled members in their homes and giving faith encouragement. I traveled all hours of the night, every day after work, and on the weekends, coming home many times at 3 or 4 AM. I had no break for over twenty years. I traveled unarmed and used the subways as my only mode of transportation 

I was accosted several times and once was stabbed. Now, when I look back, I can\\\'t imagine how I stayed alive in such circumstances. I am sure that it was my sense of mission and faith that kept me blind to the dangers that continually surrounded me and kept me protected. 

It was my experience with thousands of members whom I had encouraged, turning their back on me that led to my understanding about the evils of absolute power when it takes the form of religious tyranny. For what had my crime been? I had merely tried to hold the leadership accountable for their sexual and mental abuses of the membership. For this crimeI was ostracized and shunned. 

I established the Victorious America site on July 4, 2000, in order to prevent future persecutions of others who would stand up to religious elitists I used this site to showcase the essay,\\\"Victorious America\\\\, a dissertation on religious freedom that explains why the governing structures inside major religious institutions must now be reformed. 

As I moved forward, a change occurred that I never expected. That change redefined and expanded the scope of my website far beyond what I could have ever imagined. The day I realized my religious organization mirrored the same governing structure as that of the nations of religious totalitarianism in the Middle East my life changed and so did the website of Victorious America. 

This one realization was the perfect segue to reconnect me to America\\\'s founding father\\\'s Whose democratic ideals were born from the affront of religious persecution that our countries first settlers had experienced under British Rule. 

This gave me an unparalleled understanding of the events, which were to come\\\" For me, the conglomeration of nations of religious tyranny that loomed ominously on the horizon after the attacks on September 11th was no mirage. I was not fooled in the least. They could no longer hide their true identity. It was the same old horse tyranny with a different jockey, on its final ride 

Now my connection with libertys grand design was finally made and the conflict that was about to be played out would lead me directly to the dawn of liberty\\\'\\\'s rising where the origins of this conflict began.\\\"

 Introduction Victorious America October 2001 Stanley Bertram Zir



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