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By Stanley Bertrum Zir and Susan North

he purpose of our articles is to promote action, not opinion

Leading up to the midterm elections, all that we have heard from all parties are concerns about our domestic policies, while, in reality, the greatest threat to our nation and the free world s is Obama foreign policy. Its now five months and counting and nothing has changed.”

If you want tomorrow’s news today read America,Israeland the free world are about to be blindsided by Mr.Obama’s “freedom agenda”.

Below is our brief that provides irrefutable proof that confirms this fact.

Is Barak Hussein Obama a hero standing for freedom inEgypt, and for freedom in the Islamic world?  He says Americans must respect the rights of the Islamic people and that their voices must be heard.

Obama said to Bill Reilly, the day of the Super Bowl, when asked his advice to news outlets “the best thing news agencies can do is give people the facts”. So let’s take him at his word and look at his record to see if his foreign policy even resembles a freedom agenda.

  1. Lebanonfell to terrorists did Obama object? It was the will of the people why would he object?  Is it his hands off - free elections equal democracy policy that produced his lack of outrage against Hozbollah’s dastardly acts?

In this case his so-called freedom agenda rendered America an impotent force in standing up to a terrorist organization (as identified by our own State Department). Thus leaving Israel, a faithful ally hanging out to dry, and reclassifying America’s ship of state, a ship of fools listing in the waves.

Over the past two years Obama has sent a signal toIran’s leadership that they have a free hand. to act with impunity America under Obama is unwilling to do anything, thus it is open season on America, Israel and the free world.

Why has Obama never threatened a blockade of Iran to prevent it from receiving defense missiles from Russiawhich can secure Iranian nuclear facilities? Or receiving offensive missiles to launch a nuclear attack on Israel? Why did he say nothing when Russia delivered missiles toSyria?  Nor did he say anything about the Russian threat to send defensive missiles to Iran to secure their nuclear fascicles if the United States opposed the Start Treaty.

But Obama’s “get out of jail free card” extends far beyond the shores of theMiddle East.  It is obvious that the tyrannies of the Middle East do not have a monopoly on his generosity What was his position when the people of Honduras, adhering to their own constitution, deposed Zelaya who wanted to make himself President-for-Life?  Obama supported Zelaya and opposed the freely elected congress of the Honduras. What was his response when Iran and Russian both showed up at Chavez’s front door to discuss the building of a nuclear reactor inVenezuela? How many golden opportunities has Obama, the leader of the free world, allowed to pass him by when he could have set these tyrannies back on their heels?

Now, when it appears that the Egyptian people have had enough of a tyrannical government that has kept a high percentage of the population in poverty and denied them recourse to address grievances, now Obama glides in on his white horse to save the day. “You must have change NOW” he demanded ofMubarakin front of the world.

Obama’s actions were disgraceful.  His action undermines our nations creditability .Below is a story, a true story that sheds light on his disgraceful behavior:

A few years back there were numerous attacks on people in the New York subways. It was not being addressed by the mayor. A female friend was sitting in a subway train when she was attacked by three men with box cutters.  She fought them off while screaming “get the hell out of here”.  After the attackers left the car, a man stands up, and as the doors are closing he yells “and don’t come back.” Obama is like that man. He isn’t willing to help until the victim stands up, and only if the outcome looks guaranteed.  He only stands up after the fact to voice an opinion - now that he has the wind at his back. He calls out to the people of Iran to stand up against their oppressors: 

What was Obama position in 2009 when the Iranian people protested in the streets against the rigged election of Ahmadinejad?  SILENCE.  

Like Obama, Mrs. Clinton too has never stood up “publicly” to the leaders of the Islamic world with any gusto. That is, until she mildly scolded Arab leaders. This was just a scolding, and she has something of a reputation as a scold. Obama  put this endearing trait of hers to good use just prior to theState of the Union to make a show of strength

Yet Obama, with her support, is all too willing to sit down with the Moslem Brotherhood, the PLO, Hamas,Hezbollah(all four are terrorist organizations), and the nations of Syria and Iran both of whom who embrace tyranny and terrorism as their protocol.

He seems to want to fashion himself as the dialogue king, a Prophet of Peace, a Gandhi, aMartin Luther King, anyone, but the leader of the free world

The question we must ask Obama is, in his quest to be a Gandhi, why as the leader of the free world he not standing with Israel, the only nation which embracesdemocracy in the Middle East and not against the Palestinians who voted in terrorist as their elected officials

Why support terrorist supporters, yet stand with the people of Egypt against a tyrant?  What is his freedom agenda? What his message to Israel, What does he have in store for America,

Democracies should be hated by the tyrannies in this world.  If we are hated by tyrannies we are doing our job.We should not be guessing which way Egypt is going. Which way the will dominions fall.? If you want to join the team you must follow the rules This must e our position We draw the line when it comes to standing against tyranny in the world.


Obama needs a Reagan beat-down. Just like the one Reagan gave Carter.  Reagan stood up for a strong nation.  He wanted partnerships, but not with tyrannies.  He wanted to end tyranny.

Lets face it Obama is making his own our case that his “freedom agenda” is the greatest threat to the free world Now with Egypt declaring her independence from a tyrant and with other nations in the Mid east following her lead, Israel you face the greatest threat to your existence since Obama took office.  

It is not Egypt, Iran, Russia,China, or the United Nations that is the greatest threat.It not even the possibility that Egypt will no longer honor the peace treaty It is Obama. We must not be swept into his deceitful trap.  We must stay ahead of the curve.  What is coming next is predictable, and frightening. 

As the Palestinians position themselves to use the United Nations to pressure Israel to yield to their demands, no doubt Obama will use this crisis to push their agenda. 

He will say something like this “Now that the nations of the Islamic world are moving towards democracy Israel and the Palestinians must resolve this conflict now. Too much is at stake. We must show the Islamic people that we are with them in their quest of obtaining democracy, and if this conflict isn’t resolved this conflict they will turn against us, thus opening the door for anIslamic caliphate.  We cannot lose this chance. (Note the nosedive into sarcasm, and irony.)  We do not take our marching orders form the Untied Nations


We have to Head Obama off at the path before he drops the U N bomb on Israel not after it No requests or impassion pleas are needed here we must be a demand that he personally and publicly will veto any attempt of the Untied nation to honor Palstsiton dmeans astietn demands Will he od that know Will he announce this to the world If not why Why does he have to wait Fro what

If we are going to turn the table on the enemies of Israel and the free world it is time to put to rest the insidious notion put forth by Obama and Mamhud Abbas, and embraced by the Islamic Community, the UN and the world at large that the Israel Arab conflict is the root cause ifor the ever increasing tensions between Islamic world and the United States, not the Islamic world’s addiction to Religious Tyrannies is the core issue. 


It is this mischaracterization that has brought tyrannies henchmen to Israel front door because it furthers to legitimize the thinking that Israel must acquiesce to the demands of nations who embrace fascism as their protocol as the only option to protect America vital interests in the region, and prevent world war with the Islamic world

This question must be asked at every press conference every day - atFox News, and by every other news outlet, national, and local.  We must contact our Senators and Representatives.  We the people must step up to the plate, we must lead because our leaders are in disarray.  We must demand Obama step up and follow a foreign policy that honors America core values.  Or step down. The Egyptian got Mubarak to step down.  Nixon resigned under great pressure.  Why not Obama?  He wanted Mubarak to step down peacefully Keep the pressure on.  The year 2012 is too late.

acefully Keep the pressure on.  The year 2012 is too late.

The purpose of this article is promote action, not opinion.  Turn your computer into a sword.  Fight the war for justice and freedom in this world.  Contact your Senators and Congressmen.  Contact theWhite House. G0, click “Contact Government”, then click “Contact Your Elected Officials”.

Don’t ask, demand (politely, but firmly) that:
To STAN:  ‘put short statement – what people should say”

Why is President Obama not prepared to vedo What is he wating for Now Untied Nation


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