Beyond Kristallnacht A Declaration of Independence


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 I believe that if we are to survive this worldwide onslaught against Israel and the Jewish people, we must unite.   Not only are the Islamists calling out for Jewish blood in the capitals of Europe and around the world, but the enemies of all Jewry are now demonstrating in the streets of America . What happened in Germany 80 years ago when the Nazis first appeared, is happening now on Wall Street and Main Street. Similar slogans are arising from the crowds, damning “money,” “banks,” and “Jews.” It will only get worse if we don’t take action. Kristallnacht is nothing compared to what can happen to our people if we don’t act now.

Thank you,

Stanley Zir

Beyond Kristallnacht 
A Declaration of Independence
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We just celebrated an anniversary of  Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass in 1938, when the Nazis ransacked Jewish synagogues, homes, and shops throughout Germany, the precursor for what was to come. Fast forward, it is now 2011, and time has dulled the memory of past atrocities and deafened many to the clamoring alarms of an impending crisis.The warning signs are everywhere and in plain view, yet they go unobserved or  ignored. We cannot deny that the world is hunting Jews again -  from Israel to the capitals of Europe and on Wall Street from which the swastikas and fires have spread and erupted in Brooklyn, USA.


A Holocaust Survivor on
\"Iran and 2-State\"
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The Holocaust victims are the most powerful allies of the Jewish People for ending the violence against them. Only the Holocaust victims can unify the Jewish People and bring clarity of purpose into the public debate as to the actions that are needed to take against Iran to stop the two-state Jewicide and end the hate.

can no longer be sabotaged by proposals cloaked in the name of peace.  \"Israel must openly and forcibly declare her independence from the meddling of foreign forces”(Natan Sharansky). The intent of the Jewish People’s Declaration of Independence is exactly that - to unite the Jewish people in one purpose, leaving no doubt that there is a line that must not be crossed, that we will defend, and that serves as the hedge of protection around the State of Israel.



In order to bring attention to the seriousness of Israel’s precarious position, we must overwhelm Congress with our petition six million signatures so that the voices of those who died in the Holocaust resonate in the Halls of Congress. We are on a worldwide mission to accomplish this goal. Please take the necessary steps to ensure that the message of this Declaration is adopted as America\'s new foreign policy towards Israel. 

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                        Jewish People\'s Declaration of Independence
                 Establishing the Line that Serves as a Hedge of Protection

                                              Around the Nation of Israel.


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We have now collected more than 30,000 signatures, including 800 Holocaust survivors. Heroes such as Refusenik Ida Nudel, the Angel of Mercy, and Holocaust survivor David Silberman, famous chronicler of Holocaust victims at Yad Vashem, led the resistance in the Soviet Union. Political and religious leaders, college professors, writers and people of all faiths who support freedom’s cause have signed. 

One notable is Inna Arolovich, president, American Association of Jews from the former USSR.  She sums up our Declaration and the Never Again is Now movement with these words to a friend of Israel:  

“We, Russian-speaking Jews, have special relationship to freedom, American Constitution and to Israel , our historic holy homeland. We don’t take freedom and American obligation to defend freedom not only in the US , but also around the world, for granted. Please tell the President the truth that he plays a very dangerous game, defending murderers and criminals who dream to destroy Israel and teach their small children to kill Jews. and, at the same time,  not allowing the Israeli government to defend  her citizens. If we add the real threat of an Iranian atomic bomb and thousands rockets at Israeli borders from North and South, the threat of new Holocaust becomes very real. 

\"There is no family among Russian-speaking Jews who had not lost relatives in the Holocaust. Therefore, we wholeheartedly support the campaign, “Never Again is Now, and the Jewish People\'s Declaration of Independence.\"

To All Signatories:

Let it be known that all of the signatorIes to the Jewish People\'s Declaration of Independence support and proclaim that as a sovereign nation, Israel\'s right of self- determination is sacrosanct.

Friends of Israel, we implore you to use this Declaration to consolidate our forces to put a stop order on any policy that would lead to the destruction of Israel and the Jewish People.

Futhermore, Israel retains the exclusive and irrevocable right to establish the rules of engagement or disengagement from any aggreements concerning the status and survival of the Jewish State.

Notwithstanding is the Jewish People\'s right to censure any parties, nations or international institutions that do not recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, the  irrevocable right that is reserved exclusively for the citizens of the sovereign nation of Israel.

Again, please sign, then tweet and e-mail to everyone you know, Jewish organizations, and others with large e-mail lists so that we can reach our goal.Six million voices must be heard.

Thank you,

Stanley Zir,
Founder of Never Again is Now
Thanks to Susan North and Tabitha Korol.


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