Don't let Obama send Isreal on America's mission


Obama: Don’t Send Israel on America’s Mission
Bomb Iran Now!

Authors: Stanley Zir, Susan North
Editor, Tabitha Korol

The mission of America, its sole reason for existence, is to establish, support, and defend freedom. It is not Israel’s responsibility, but America’s, as defender of the free world, to end the imminent global threat posed by Iran. Israel has a different mission, distinct reasons for existence, and different responsibilities.

By declaring our support for Israel’s right to attack Iran, we are letting Obama off the hook, absolving him of his obligations to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

If Obama does not take immediate action, Russia or China could announce, “Israel’s attack on Iran is an attack on us.? The possibilities are endless and frightening, and all because our President will not leverage his power as Leader of the Free World to put the fear of G-d into any nation that entertains such a notion.

American Jews are in a unique position to secure the safety of Israel, because of their access to the Constitution of the United States, which demands our leaders stand with our allies against the advancement of tyranny.

The time has come for American Jews to demand for themselves what all Americans have accepted since the birth of our nation – to be fearless, bold and boisterous when calling our leaders into account for their actions.

Never Again Is Now has taken the lead in uniting the Jewish-American people in defense of Israel. While there is still an America we recognize, call your Federations, talk to your rabbis, contact your Congressional representatives; be polite but firm and do not be deterred. Call them and demand they issue a public declaration to President Obama that states: “Don’t send Israel on America’s mission. We must bomb Iran now.”

Start the ball rolling:

Here are some of the Jewish organizations you can contact to support this initiative.

American Jewish Committee

National Conference on Jewish Affars
Beth Gilinsky (212)726-1124 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jewish Federations of North America .orginfo@JewishFederations 212-284-6903

Zionist Organization of America
212-481-1500 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hon. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chariman, House Foreign Affairs Committee
To contact other elected officials:h

Please forward this Alert to your email, twitter and Facebook lists

Thank You,

Stanley Zir
Founder : Never Again is NOW
Site : http://www.neveragainisnow.n

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