Hello Iran, Good Bye America


Hello Iran, Good Bye America


The approach employed by those in America to neutralize the Iranian threat would be laughable if it was not so tragic. Our Pro-Zionist Jewish organizations have been all too willing to let Israel lead the free world to stop Iran, when in fact it is America’s mission as the leader of the free world to end the Iranian threat. This is the height of hubris.

These organizations’ initial reaction to Ahmadinejad’s threat to wipe
Israel off the face of the earth was beyond shameful.  Every Jew in America had a moral obligation to demand the immediate destruction of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure but no such campaign ever materialized.

I kept hearing the words ‘Stop Iran’ at rallies, in speech after speech, where we were told that we had to stop Iran from becoming a terrorist state armed with nuclear weapons in order to prevent Israel’s destruction. What did the prominent speakers mean by, ‘Stop,’ in the phrase, ‘Stop Iran Now’? I heard nothing from them about
America taking military action.

Due to the tragic lack of oversight by our leadership, the Jewish community has been relegated to a never-ending reactive posture in dealing with President Obama’s Sharia-enabling foreign policy, which allows for the creation of a nuclear

In addition to this debacle, the counter offensive employed by America to stop Iran has been economic sanctions. This has not stopped the mullahs. They are willing to sacrifice everything in order to attain their nuclear goal.

Congress’ failure to demand that President Obama set a military deadline that would have required
Iran to dismantle its nuclear sites, combined with Obama’s reluctance to do so, created a vacuum in the Middle East that has been filled by Russia, America’s rival and Iran’s most ardent supporter.

The question remains: who is addressing the Iranian threat now that Obama has transferred so much power to Putin? It is more than dangerous - it is suicide to allow a Communist to be a determining figure in shaping
America’s future..


Hello Iran , Good-bye America op-ed

There is nothing left to analyze. Do you think that intellectualism and academic discussion can cure the problems facing
America and Israel? Can one talk down a bully or murderer? We must act now or be prepared to live with an Iran armed with nuclear weapons.

Recently President Obama delivered the sovereignty of the
United States directly into the hands of Putin\'s Iranian ‘world peace coalition’ under the pretense of neutralizing the Iranian threat. This occurred because Obama agreed to allow Putin to broker a deal to put the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons exclusively under the auspices of the United Nations. Soon afterward Putin shrewdly put Iran under the same UN umbrella claiming that an opportunity had arisen to discuss the status of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Following this President Obama called the president of
Iran to open up dialogues. Who will protect our nation from our foreign enemies since Obama has approved of Putin\'s Iran/United Nations world peace scam? In this new world order any legitimate demands for the immediate destruction of Iran\'s nuclear facilities and ending the two-state solution  will be sucked into the black hole of this unholy coalition, where victory for global tyranny can be the only possible outcome. 

Why we are now surprised that
Iran’s objectives are almost secured? Four years ago during a BBC interview President Obama said that Iran has a right to nuclear power - provided its uses are peaceful. That should have raised a red flag. One must wonder: how could President Obama not know that the plans of an anti-Semitic theocracy are never peaceful.

President Obama’s path to allow
Iran to have nuclear power is akin to offering Zyklon B gas to Hitler as long as he promised to gas the Jews. How could Obama’s initiative be otherwise? His actions belie his intent.

United Nations inspectors will monitor Iran’s nuclear power plants.

Obama has outsourced his responsibility to protect our republic; his intention to allow Iran the use of nuclear power in exchange for their promise not to create nuclear weapons is nothing other than an act of containment designed to fail. This has been proven by the fact that Obama’s plan to secure this outlandish objective is to have United Nations inspectors monitor Iran’s nuclear power plants.

Yet Obama in his most recent incarnation as a Reagan acolyte said, \"My view is that if you have both a credible threat of force, combined with a rigorous diplomatic effort, that, in fact, you can strike a deal.” But Reagan would have never struck a deal with a fascist.  Obama, in the name of peace, has tried to convince us we can, and in doing so puts all Americans in harm’s way. When he suggests giving Rouhani a chance, I say, ‘To do what?  Create a nuclear terrorist state?

Why would we even consider offering Iranian President Hassan Rouhani nuclear power when his mandate from the mullahs includes the destruction of
Israel and the downfall of America? Like the Oslo Accords any agreement made with those who condone or embrace terrorism is not worth the paper it is written on.


The kabuki dance continues.
Iran is running out the clock.


Obama’s commitment to honoring terrorists as viable partners for peace was demonstrated when Netanyahu asked him to maintain the sanctions on Iran during the negotiations because Iran’s intentions were not peaceful. Although President Obama claimed he had no such intentions, a week later a senior U.S. diplomat urged Congress to delay the legislation on tough new Iranian sanctions until after the negotiations for fear of undermining the talks.

Then Obama asked the Jewish leadership in
America to stop pushing for stronger sanctions against Iran. Does President Obama want the Jewish leadership to oppose Netanyahu’s request for tougher sanctions while he negotiates for the annihilation of the Jewish state?

One must wonder how much ground Obama is willing to concede to
Iran and Russia in order to reach a deal. While Iran initially rebuffed Obama’s demand to halt the production of enrichment of uranium at 20%, the United States proposed a short-term nuclear agreement which would allow Tehran to continue enriching uranium at low levels with the promise of less stringent sanctions. ThatnGd France refused to sign on  tothis aggreametn even though  Iran refused and now another meeting is set for later this month.

However, this matters little now that a reliable report has been published that states, Iran might be a month 
away from having the ability to assemble a nuclear warhead: demanding stronger sanctions or further dialogue to stop Iran spells disaster. All negotiations must cease immediately.

Pressure must be put on Congress to stop the endless posturing and demand President Obama give
Iran an ultimatum. Yet Congress foolishly continues to believe that by putting stronger sanctions in place, Iran will capitulate. Americans cannot retreat any further, there is no other choice but to declare that they will no longer support a foreign policy that allows for a nuclear Iran.

We can repeal Obamacare, but not a nuclear Iran once it is created

While we are still being overwhelmed on the domestic front by the disaster that is Obamacare, it still can be repealed. A failed state is guaranteed if we do not overcome the damage done by Obama’s foreign policy and its threat to our union.

is facing a watershed event - Iranian madmen armed with nuclear devices. Someone must awaken the citizens of America to fact that the security and prosperity of our nation is not just a domestic affair. While we continue to battle Obama’s draconian domestic policies, our politicians are oblivious to the reality that the greatest threat to our nation, our economy, and the future of America is a global threat and its epicenter is Iran.

The pressure we must put on President Obama to successfully overcome the fatal effects of his foreign policy must be even more relentless than the campaign launched against Obamacare, failure is not an option.

Iran gains nuclear capabilities the world will become ground zero, because the greatest enemy of freedom will have tested and broken America\'s resolve. Who then will be left to prevent the globalization of tyranny if America
\'s identity as the advocate of freedom were to be vanquished? This is why we must never let America be decimated by a foreign policy that would give victory to Iran and Islam over America and its Constitution.

America is Nathan Hale country

America is in trouble because our politicians have forgotten that America is Nathan Hale country. Before the British hung Nathan Hale he calmly stated, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.\" His determination to never again be subjected to tyranny surpassed his concerns for his own life. His stance exemplifies the spirit of the American Revolution, and that of all American patriots who have been willing to lay down their lives to fight against tyranny. 

Then how is it possible that in Nathan Hale’s country we would compromise with those who are willing to extinguish the light of liberty? Americans are here to rid the world of tyrannical enterprises, not prop them up and make them our partners in peace. We stand with the constitution and its covenant of freedom, if not we stand for nothing at all.

All those who would stand back and let others fight
America’s fight are not cut from the same cloth as those who secured our freedoms.

Hannity, Palin, Huckabee, our pro-Zionist Jewish and Christian leadership – are you ready to support
Israel and defend  your Constitution? America is under an imminent threat how could we let President Obama betray our founders trust by giving aid and comfort to America’s enemy?  We do not give the red carpet treatment to those who have vowed to kill us. Giving Iran endless opportunities to reach their goal is nothing less than an act of surrender.

Hello America, Good Bye Iran  

It is time to fire a proverbial shot across the bow of Obama’s sinking ship. If we do not stand up now there will be nothing left in
America worth fighting for.

Remember it is always darkest before the dawn. Despite the fact that the naysayers keep insisting that
America is a lost cause, we now have President Obama on the ropes. With Obamacare in shambles and his foreign policy about to implode, we must not miss the opportunity to close the curtain on his failed presidency.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

If our congressional leaders do not confront President Obama‘s failure to protect our nation from an imminent threat, we the people will suffer the consequences.
Israel is planning to lobby the U.S. Congress to prevent a deal with Iran. Naftali Bennett, Israeli’s Minister of the Economy, is going to petition Congress to stop the proposed American-Iranian deal because it would seriously put Israel’s security in jeopardy.

Yet it is well known that petitions to Congress rarely yield good results, they usually end up as nonbinding agreements. We must demand our Congressional leaders call for the immediate dismantling of
Iran’s nuclear sites, or an ultimatum will be issued and military action will follow.  Petitioning Congress will end in failure. We must not embrace such a campaign, too much is at stake.

The campaign we must launch must be like a tidal wave; we must overwhelm Congress and force them to act on our behalf. President Obama himself gave us key to victory when he said, “political leaders will never take risks if the people do not push them to take some risks. You must create the change that you want to see. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.”

The question ordinary Americans must be asked to consider is why we should fund a government that uses our hard-earned money to support activities that will lead to the destruction of our nation I assure you that if such an idea gains momentum Congress’s only option will to be to act on our behalf, but we have to start the ball rolling first and the following are proven strategies:

1- We have enough pro-Zionist Jewish and Christian organizations to unleash an army of millions to call Congress to demand that immediate military action against
Iran be taken.

2-We can march on
Washington like Martin Luther King, but this time stage a hunger strike until our demands are met

3-We can withhold our taxes until our demands are met, we the peoplehold thepurse stings not congrees of the President.


                             Despertate times call for desperate measures


                                  ATTACK!  ATTACK!  ATTACK

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