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Written by Stanley Zir March 3 ,2007

“History abounds with examples of oppression by religious or secular authority

over those who advocated a new way of thinking or tried to empower ordinary people. Many new traditions sprang from the courage of those ordinary individuals who overcame such oppression\"



In I wrote in my diary “The voice of Liberty like the voice of God is a callto justice once heard it cannot go unanswered”

Now at the age of 67 and some forty-five years later I have converged on that moment where the actions I now take will define my existence either I will now tie together all loose ends and finalize my mission, or become a soul defined by lessons lost, packaged in meaningless images

Am I crazy? No just a high roller who wagered his life worth in the war against tyranny and depiction In the end it will be the success or failure this endeavor thatwill determine my salvation

I am not a white tower student of history, nor the traditional academic scholar

offering solutions and theories based on the ideological works of other scholars. Rather, it is my thirty years\' experience of oppression and subjugation of my fundamental rights in a religious institution that revealed to me the great parallels to the major conflicts and turmoil appearing on the international scene today.

As a leader in a prominent religious institution, I traveled in the most dangerous black getthos in New York , visiting troubled members in their homes and giving faith encouragement. I traveled all hours of the night, every day after work, and on the weekends, coming home many times at 3 or 4 AM. I had no break for over twenty years. I traveled unarmed and used the subways as my only mode of transportation.

I was accosted several times and once was stabbed. Now, when I look backI can\'t imagine how I stayed alive in such circumstances. I am sure that it was my sense of mission and faith that kept me blind to the dangers that continually surrounded me and kept me protected.

It was my experience with thousands of members whom I had encouraged,turning their back on me that led to my understanding about the evils of absolute power when it takes the form of religious tyranny. For what had my crime been? I had merely tried to hold the leadership accountable for

their sexual and mental abuses of the membership. For this \"crime\"I was ostracized and shunned.I established the Victorious America site on July 4, 2000, in order to prevent future persecutions of others who would stand up to religious elitists I used this site to showcase the essay, \"Victorious America\", a dissertation on religious freedom that explains why the governing structures inside major religious institutions must now be reformed.

As I moved forward, a change occurred that I never expected that changeredefined and expanded the scope of my website far beyond what I couldhave ever imagined. The day I realized my religious organization mirrored the same governing structure as that of the nations of religious totalitarianismin the Middle East my life changed and so did the website of Victorious America.

This one realization was the perfect segue to reconnect me to America\'s founding father\'s Whose democratic ideals were born from the affront of religious persecution that our countries first settlers had experienced under British Rule This gave me an unparalleled understanding of the events, which were to come.

\"For me, the conglomeration of nations of religious tyranny that loomed ominously on the horizon after the attacks on September 11th was no mirage. I was not fooled in the least. They could no longer hide their true identity. It was the same old horse tyranny with a different jockey, but this time on its final ride.

Now my connection with liberty\'s grand design was finally made and theconflict that was about to be played out would lead me directly to the dawn of liberty\'s rising where the origins of this conflict began.\"

Introduction Victorious America October 2001 Stan Zir

Call Congress Six Million Voices Must be Heard

The Nazis forced the Jewish people to wear the Star of David “Judif” on their clothes, so the Jewish people would become a visible target for hatred and daily beatings, and the world stood silent. The Jewish people were rounded up, herded like cattle to the slaughter, then shipped in box cars to the concentration camps where they met a worse fate.

There they would be tortured, starved, raped, and beaten. Mother and child were thrown together into gas chambers while those who survived endured an equally cruel fate, they were helpless to protect their families.

The Jews in Auschwitz z waited for help and when it finally came, it was six years and six million lives too late. There’s a difference between war-mongering (to kill, usurp, conquer and rule) and advocating for a pre-emptive strike to head off disaster, and saving democracies from tyranny’s oppressive rule. Had there been a pre-emptive strike on Hitler’s armies, it might have prevented the death of six millions of Jews who had the potential to become parents, physicians, scientists, leaders in all realms of endeavor known to mankind. Now, some sixty years later Ahmadinejad is constructing chambers of death where nuclear bombs will replace Zyklon B to do Hitler’s bidding in their Hell on earth, and again the world is silent and now has turned its back on Israel.

How dare any nation or any party say the Jewish people must not demand the immediate destruction of this Iranian nuclear terrorist war machine?. Who dares to tell the Jewish people, victims of the most heinous crimes perpetrated throughout history, that they should show restraint in the face of an impending nuclear holocaust? The day Ahmadinejad announced he was going to wipe Israel off the face of earth every Jew in America, along with our Christian supporters, should have made it a top priority to demand our government destroy that place of hell here on earth, no matter what the cost or odds. But our leadership has failed us, and now we are silent once again. Someone must stand up and take the lead, we must not let those who remain silent determine our fate.

 Those who continue to say it is impossible to overcome the circumstances we face,  things can change in a moment, nothing is set in stone. This was the case when General Anthony McAuliffe, who was surrounded by the Nazi’s demanding his surrender, replied to the demand with just one word: “Nuts,” and won the day. The vultures of death are circling Israel she is surround by her enemies ,who demand she goes silently into the night. I say nuts to them and those among us who wave the white flag of surrender to iran and Islamic fascism. This is not the Republic our founders created, this is Obama’s creation.

History teaches us that a reluctant Congress will only respond to overwhelming pressure from the public. This is our only option, because Congress sits idlely by while the Administration continues to partner up with Russia if the politicians  do not see the severity of the circumstances looming before us and do not call out for immediate military action against Iran, then We the People must take charge and wage a campaign on behalf of our civilization and everything we\'ve worked so hard to create. As Elie Wiesel asked Obama \"How is it that the Holocaust  No. 1 denier is still president?\" We must know that when evil has power, it is almost too late.I

n order to break the inertia and bring into focus the deadly seriousness of the Iranian threat it is time to take to the airways. We need a catalyst that will reawaken our Jewish and Christain leadership from their slumber, for they have it within their power to overwhelm Congress with their demands. To that end, we will launch a relentless assault against the wall of silence that prevents us from uniting as a force of one against the greatest threat that mankind has ever faced. It will not be one of half-measures, we will keep stoking the flames of resistance until the righteous fire of indignation ignites, and the destruction of the Iranian nuclear war machine becomes a topic of discussion that can no longer be ignored.

To create that groundswell we have an opportunity to run consecutive commercials on the Sean Hannity’s radio show on a daily basis. A one minute commercial will cost $600 a dollars a day, which will cost $24,000 when run consecutively for 40 days. We will also need an additional $ 27,000 to compliment the radio spots by putting the Six Million Voices must be heard  poster throughout the subway system and billboards in the greater New York, Washington D.C.,and thegreater Miami area. There are other campaigns that require Congress to pass resolutions or petition our president. When was the last time Obama or Iran took a Congressional resolution, sanctions or a petition seriously?

As Congressman Trent Franks told his fellow Congressmen, There is no longer a single rational defence for the argument that Iran havingnuclear weapons capability. So let me say this, and pray the members of this body and this nation understand, if Iran gains nuclear weapons . . . Jihadist terrorists the world over will have access to nuclear weapons and the world\'s children will forever have etched in their memory that moment in history when this government allowed the hellish shadow of nuclear Jihad to fall across their future.\" And still, as the centrifuges in Iran are spinning, the Obama administration is fiddling, and many members of this body stand by and contemplate. Have we lost our minds?\" For over 40 years I have been fighting for the safety of Israel and the preservation America’s freedom from the rise of global tyranny.

The eternal face of humanity will be decided based on the actions we take here today. Our window of opportunity is small. To accomplish our goal we need you to fund this campaign.  You can donate through paypal by going to www.neveragainisnow.net there you will also be able to buy posters and other artefacts which will help us to achieve our monetary goals. Stanley Zir, Founder ofNeverAgainIsNow In order to instill confidence that we will achive our goal, the following essays are a partial list that will be used as reference materials that present a clear and precise guideline for victory.

Obama’s No Fear Zone
America\'s Obligation to Israel
(American and Israel Shared Destiny)

Stop Iran Now the Threat to America is Imminent
American Jews Must Seize the Day


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