American Jews You Must Seize The Day


Stanley Zir Author

Tabitha Korol  editor



Jews in America, it is our obligation as citizens to demand that Obama end the impending global threat posed by Iran. If we, American Jews, declare our support for Israel’s right to attack Iran, we will be absolving him of his duty to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Once he does that, Israel becomes the scapegoat, because any steps Israel takes to defend her nation against Iran will appear as though she, not Iran, will have instigated a global conflict. Yet not one Jewish organization points out this fact or demands that Obama not Israel destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure now.  
Israel has been treated like the dregs of the Earth because, for more than 60 years, not one Jewish group or organization ever stood up to Congress and said, “How dare you force the people of Israel to negotiate with terrorists?” This is the great stain and shame on American Jewry. Because of our complacency and neglect in supporting Israel, she is now surrounded on all sides by her enemies and facing a nuclear holocaust.

Our job in America is to take the boot from Israel’s neck, but we didn’t do it. We failed to stand firmly against one President after another who believes that America would achieve peace and financial security with the Islamic world that strives to annihilate Israel.  What a betrayal to America’s core values! And American Jewry said nothing!

Ahmadinejad is now constructing chambers of death where nuclear bombs will replace Zyklon B to finish Hitler’s work in their hell on earth. How dare any nation, especially Germany and France, say we should not immediately demand the destruction of Iran’s nuclear war machine – but even my fellow-American Jews don’t demand it. How dare they speak of their love for Israel and remain silent?  

It’s time we take a firm stand! I call on all American-Jewish leadership to create a firestorm so that all Jews from the national Jewish community call Congress, demanding they end the sanctions and take action against Iran now. While we must be polite and firm, we must not be deterred.  Hound your representatives daily as though it were Israel’s last day on earth. I’ve been warned numerous times, “Don’t push this agenda.  It might upset our Congressional representatives who now support Israel.  Don’t push them too far.”  

Is this what Emma Lazarus had in mind when she composed, ″Give me your tired, your poor," that immigrants who left their oppressive homelands for the new world might once again live in fear in America? More specifically, that an American citizen of Jewish descent would dread abandonment by a Congressional representative because we dared to criticize proposals that do not go far enough to secure Israel’s safety. Why is it that the Jewish people, victims of hatred and terrorism, feel we must hold our tongue when we are being short-changed, and be grateful for whatever favors we’ve been granted?

The Jewish Federations and religious leaders who represent us have adopted the same victim mentality that delivered our brethren directly into the gas chambers of World War II. Now, as in the past, these same groups hold in contempt those Jews who demand unrestricted action against those who planning our extermination. As if that were not enough, we now have new heirs to the thrones of leadership who say, “wait until 2013,” but offer no positive hope or direction to overcome this Iranian threat.

 If we are to survive this final worldwide onslaught against the Jewish people, American Jews must reject the mindset of compliance that made us victims in every nation and every generation. The time has come to demand for ourselves what every other American takes for granted since the birth of our nation – that we have the right to be fearless, bold, boisterous when calling our leaders to account when dealing with Iran.As American citizens, we can be rightly proud of Nathan Hale who said, “Give me Liberty, or give me death.” We need our own American Natan Halevy! – someone who has the courage to declare publicly, risking his life and his fortune, because the policies that the President of the United States is pursuing are leading to the destruction of the Jewish state and the persecution of the Jews worldwide. Stand up! Fight back! Never again must we go silently into the night, Jews must "Seize the Day"


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