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Jump Start America: Stop Nuclear Iran

PERATION: Stop Nuclear Iran

President Obama says that America is at a crossroads, we have to turn the page on this era of conflict the war against terrorism must end. He is right America is at a crossroad but the reality is quite different, America is in the final throes of a life and death struggle for her survival and she is gasping for air..


President Obama has pulled the rug out from under America’s foundation, all that makes her exceptional among the nations.  Not only has Obama put our nation in a death spiral with his domestic Marxist entitlement policy, but worse, a foreign policy that has stripped America of her pride, her protocol among the nations, the mandate that defines her existence, her unrelenting stance against the advancement of tyranny.


We need to regain our bearings and do the business of this great nation. The first order of business is to protect the sovereignty of the United States of America from an imminent threat, and a nuclear Iran is that threat

Congress needs a gut check they are skirting the essential issue that will determine the future of our nation and the free world.. Our opportunity to avert a cataclysmic occurrence is about to vanish, while a living nightmare is only moments away.


It's now 2014, where is the cavalry? Why are leaders such as Sarah Palin, 

Glen Beck, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Jewish and Christian pro-Zionist leaders all still unwilling to demand that the immediate destruction of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and her strike back capabilities as a America’s top priority.


We need to jump start America, we must wake up the sleeping giant, Once we awaken the American people to the cataclysmic  consequences  of a nuclear Iran only then will Congress be forced to honor our demands

To achieve this end we will launch a relentless assault against the wall of silence that prevents us from uniting as a force of one against the greatest threat that humankind has ever faced, mad men armed with Iranian nuclear devices. Our initiative will not be one of half-measures, we will keep stoking the flames of resistance until the righteous fire of indignation ignites, and the destruction of the Iranian nuclear war machine becomes a topic of discussion in each new news cycle until ending the Irianin threat becomes our nations top priorty.

In order to break the inertia we need a catalyst that will reawaken our America Jewish and Christian leadership from their slumber, for they have it within their power to unleash a force of millions to overwhelm Congress with their demands and bring into focus the deadly seriousness of the Iranian threat to America’s Constitution

To create that groundswell and we have an opportunity to run consecutive commercials on the Sean for 30 consecutively days to have the necessary impact to create victory.(six of our commericals have already aired on Sean Hanity's radio show with great resultsListen to them on this site

We will also need additional funds to compliment the radio spots by putting the posters like the “Nuclear Jihad” poster attached to this email, throughout the subway system and billboards in the greater New York, Washington, D.C., and the Miami areas.

There are other campaigns that require Congress to pass resolutions or petition our president. When was the last time Obama or Iran took a Congressional resolution, sanctions or a petition seriously? The time for this initiative is critical, for we cannot waste a second more and still hope to preserve our union, Support Israel, defend our Constitution this is the only path to victory.

Stanley Zir
Campaign Director

Jump Start America, Awake the Sleeping Giant! (Updating Site Please Stay Posted.)


If Iran retains nuclear capability the world becomes ground zero because the greatest enemy of freedom will have tested and broken America’s resolve. This is why we must never let America’s brand be decimated by a foreign policy that gives victory to Iran and Islam over America and its Constitution. If America‘s identity is vanquished who will be left to prevent the globalization of tyranny.

A radical Iranian theocracy must never have access to nuclear power. Congress must kill the deal, not our citizens.

NOTE: This comment was aired on Sean Hanity’s radio program on Thursday December 19, 2013 by Stanley Zir.

Message From Stanley Zir:

The statement above sets the tone for the approach we must embrace if we are ever to prevent Iran from reaching its objective. The call for sanctions against Iran has long ago passed. Those who continue to demand that Congress enforce stronger sanctions to achieve a peaceful resolution hold to the false belief that the Iranians would capitulate.

Nothing could be further from the truth – the Iranian leadership will do anything to reach their nuclear goal. The only thing that brings them to the table is to gain time and avoid a direct conflict with America..

Some say we should tell Iran to dismantle there nuclear sites or there will be stronger sanctions. Sanctions are the last vestige of hope for the deluded who think they can avoid conflict with fascists.

We must give an Iran ultimatum; dismantle your nuclear sites. The clock is ticking! It is the absence of those who would stand up to fight against any who would bring a reign of tyranny upon mankind that is the greatest threat to all our liberties. When dealing with nations and peoples who embrace religious fanaticism and hatred, negotiations and sanctions are not agents of peace, they are a prescription for disaster.

We can no longer wait on those who believe that stronger sanctions will achieve our goal. We must go for the jugular and we must do it now. We must overwhelm Congress with our demands for it we the people who will suffer the consequences of their blunder.

Call Congress and tell them “kill the deal, not us.” Destroy the Iranian Nuclear Holocaust machine. Do it now.

Over the next few days we will reveal the steps we will take that will create the firestorm necessary to wake up the sleeping giant that is absolutely necessary if we are to harvest victory.

Stanley Zir

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