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Jump Start America, Awake the Sleeping Giant! (Updating Site Please Stay Posted.)


If Iran retains nuclear capability the world becomes ground zero because the greatest enemy of freedom will have tested and broken America’s resolve. This is why we must never let America’s brand be decimated by a foreign policy that gives victory to Iran and Islam over America and its Constitution. If America‘s identity is vanquished who will be left to prevent the globalization of tyranny.

A radical Iranian theocracy must never have access to nuclear power. Congress must kill the deal, not our citizens.

NOTE: This comment was aired on Sean Hanity’s radio program on Thursday December 19, 2013 by Stanley Zir.

Message From Stanley Zir:

The statement above sets the tone for the approach we must embrace if we are ever to prevent Iran from reaching its objective. The call for sanctions against Iran has long ago passed. Those who continue to demand that Congress enforce stronger sanctions to achieve a peaceful resolution hold to the false belief that the Iranians would capitulate.

Nothing could be further from the truth – the Iranian leadership will do anything to reach their nuclear goal. The only thing that brings them to the table is to gain time and avoid a direct conflict with America..

Some say we should tell Iran to dismantle there nuclear sites or there will be stronger sanctions. Sanctions are the last vestige of hope for the deluded who think they can avoid conflict with fascists.

We must give an Iran ultimatum; dismantle your nuclear sites. The clock is ticking! It is the absence of those who would stand up to fight against any who would bring a reign of tyranny upon mankind that is the greatest threat to all our liberties. When dealing with nations and peoples who embrace religious fanaticism and hatred, negotiations and sanctions are not agents of peace, they are a prescription for disaster.

We can no longer wait on those who believe that stronger sanctions will achieve our goal. We must go for the jugular and we must do it now. We must overwhelm Congress with our demands for it we the people who will suffer the consequences of their blunder.

Call Congress and tell them “kill the deal, not us.” Destroy the Iranian Nuclear Holocaust machine. Do it now.

Over the next few days we will reveal the steps we will take that will create the firestorm necessary to wake up the sleeping giant that is absolutely necessary if we are to harvest victory.

Stanley Zir

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