Mission Statement

The Jews who survived the death camps and came to Israel and America and one rabbi  said, “Never Again.” Unfortunately, time has dulled the memory of past atrocities and deafened many to the clamoring alarms of impending crisis. The warning signs are everywhere and in plain view; yet, they are being unobserved or simply ignored.
In the 66 years since the end of the Holocaust, Jews from around the world have meticulously and resolutely honored its victims and commemorated the darkest period in human history. We have designed and constructed magnificent museums, monuments and other works of art to pay tribute to the Jewish martyrs, and have held tens of thousands of ceremonies to honor them. Ironically, despite these Draconian efforts and our gut-wrenching two-word creed - Never Again - we we are doing nothing to prevent an impending second Holocaust! With the very survival of one of our democratic siblings now in question, the Never Again Alarm is sounding; thus, the time has come to evoke this noble objective and take action against those whose policies will bring about the obliteration of the people of Israel.
Imagine if all our Israel and Christian organizations and their membership were all united ...6 million voices strong. to protect Israel, Jews worldwide, and humanity. Speak out on behalf of the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Speak out on behalf of the six million Jews ALIVE today who live in Israel

The people in Dachau-Auschwitz-Birkenau waited for the world to intervene, and it did not happen until it was too late,Do something to help protect and defend your brothers and sisters in Israel. Do it Now. Remember Never again is NOW .that is the mission of my organization.



Stanley Zir
President of Never Again Is Now

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